Is MGS ground zeros worth the purchase?

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I hear its like 2 hours long, I am a huge metal gear fan but if its just a glorified demo then I don't think its worth the $.

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@ps4hasnogames: If your main focus is to clear ever mission in less than and succeed , which you probably will to do since you are a long time fan, then you will seem like one or even less. However, if you the type who - aims for the best rank and the fastest time possible, loves to explore different strategies, collect everything, unlock every unlockable there is and other things that are not necessarily a part of clearing the mission- then you will have a blast. Another thing I want to leave with you is that I only payed 20 due to the fact that I purchased a digital last 7th generation console. I would think that twenty to twenty five dollars is a reasonable price for the game even if you find the overall package underwhelming. Whatever the case may be, you could always try gamefly or even redbox if you are concerned about whether you will pleased or dissatisfied when you finish all the missions that the game has to offer.

Oh, one last thing; all of the missions take place in the same location. While I know that his been stated since the game's announcement, I just want to give you as much information as I can. If you already knew this, then I apologize for insulting your intelligence.

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It's worth a rent, it should take you an hour and a half max to finish it. Don't listen to that "oh but if you do this or do that" because it's all bullshit. You could take your time with ANY game and play them over and over again to rack up the hours, doesn't mean anything. Ground Zeroes is not worth it's price tag, and we should stop supporting bullshit like this before every company starts pulling it off.

Ground Zeroes is a glorified demo, nothing more and nothing less. Don't forget you may be a Metal Gear fan but you're not an idiot.

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It all depends on what you think is "worth the purchase". Personally I don't regret buying it all, I've put a little over 4 hours into it and I'm at 19% completion.

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If you play the main story and side missions once, you'll get about 4-5 hours out of it.

If you go for 100% trophy completion then you'll get about 15-20 hours out of it.

If you want to go for 100% in game completion, then you're looking at 20-25 hours of content without using guides.

It actually has a lot of replay value, I borrowed it off of a friend and loved it. I probably would have felt different if I bought it though. I'd say it's worth $20 if you're a big MGS fan and will want to do everything the game has to offer, otherwise, wait till it's in the bargain bin.

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So by the sound of things, I guess I'll wait till its $20 or so.

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@ps4hasnogames said:

So by the sound of things, I guess I'll wait till its $20 or so.

If that is the case I assume you either have no ps3 or 360, or you do not trust buying things digitally.

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im all about the story/campaign so to me it seems like ground zeroes is like a single level of a full game...but you can go through it multiple times and find new stuff. plus theres a few side missions but they arent exactly part of the metal gear story so take them for what theyre worth to you. theyre just filler if you ask me. i guess some people can find value in that but to me its not worth $30. maybe if i could find it for $5 or $10 i might get it.

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Fact: MGS3 was the only good Metal Gear Solid Game.

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Im holding off on getting it simply because I only intend on playing through it once which doesn't justify the price for me.. Probably just going to wait for Phantom pain.

If I could find this used for 10 than yeah sure ill grab it.

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No but i'm a metal gear fanatic so i bought it anyways , i suggest waiting for a price drop because what you do get is fantastic in every respect, I have even resorted to playing metal gear and metal gear 2 : solid snake on the MSG HD collection disc till phantom pain comes out for filler and to see how the cannon differs hehe.

P.S. just don't play the NES versions, they are an abomination and will haunt you :P, MSX like Hideo Kojima intended.

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I had the game and sold it this weekend back to gamestop for $18 to add to my $30 already on watchdog.

I think the game is worth if you love the series since the gameplay mechanics is by far the best in the series. You constantly discover new things in ground zero and it is enjoyable to play thru all the missions. It's a glorified but damn good demo. I player the game for well over 15 plus hrs going for all the completions on hard etc.

I would buy it used again but I feel I got all I could get out of it and get the best value for trade in until phantom comes out. If phantom pain wasn't coming out until end of next yr or 2016 I would have kept it. I am certain march next yr phantom is coming out.

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@ps4hasnogames said:

I hear its like 2 hours long, I am a huge metal gear fan but if its just a glorified demo then I don't think its worth the $.

At full price, hell fucking no.

Just borrow it from someone or gamefly it or ebay-flip it or something.

I'd prob just wait altogether though for MGS5.

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I'm a Kojima fan but lost so much respect after this blatant rip off. I've played free demos with more substance than this crap. Sure we get a tiny glimpse of his new game engine but for half the price of a full game? rip off pure and simple. It's worth it for a free demo, but If I had it to do over I'd pass on this scam. The only reason it's extended beyond 5 minutes of gameplay is the cheap ploy of 'mission objectives' within the same level location, one relatively small map just rehashed with a few stupid objectives which are more annoying than enjoyable.

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@ps4hasnogames: buy it from your local gamestop used and just send it back within 7 days. Simple.

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@Young_Charter said:

@ps4hasnogames: buy it from your local gamestop used and just send it back within 7 days. Simple.


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@Young_Charter: What anime is your profile pic from

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Let Me Just Summarize this nice and Quick.

Ground Zero is Worth What you're willing to let it get away with. :) You're Welcome.

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@Young_Charter said:

@ps4hasnogames: buy it from your local gamestop used and just send it back within 7 days. Simple.


You betcha. Saves way more money comparing to keeping, renting, borrowing, etc.

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@Young_Charter: What anime is your profile pic from

Hajjime No Ippo.

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I rented it and I really enjoyed it. Can't wait to play The Phantom Pain.