Is A Vita Really Worth It??

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On they are only $189.99 used and thats not including a memory card or a game. Some games do look interesting like Uncharted and Gravity Rush.
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Depends on what 'worth it' means to you !!

PSV is not cheap but I still got it cause I wanted it and wanted to play its games, so for me it was worth it..

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yes it is.
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Compared to the price of other mobile devices its definitely worth it. The graphics are really good on it. The vita also has nice features other than games such as YouTube and maps. But the games are top notch for mobile.
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I really like the system, not that great of a library yet but Persona 4 and Zero Escape are both great. I haven't tried Gravity Rush yet. It also plays Playstation games very well. Also has assess to downloadable PSP games if you didn't already own a PSP.

On they are only $189.99 used and thats not including a memory card or a game. Some games do look interesting like Uncharted and Gravity Rush.FriendlyWalker
Probably better to get it on Ebay, I had to replace mine when it was stolen and I got one in like new condition, with a case, cover, screen guard, two games, and a 16GB card for about $220. I've seen better deals since then.

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I enjoy mine. It has a large library but its future isnt looking great since really no games are coming out for it this year. Sony's plans is for the PS Vita is to be a 10 year device so it wont lose support, but if no 3rd party companies make games for it then who can say its worth it past its current list of games.

Not to mention hackers got a twinkle in their eyes to turn this thing into yet another hacked sony device likw the psp.

So to say worth not sure. Phones can do everything the vita can do better except games and since games is the vita's problem its a toss up.

Sometimes i myself wonder if the $300 bucks i blowed on it was really worth it.

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It really is up in the air isn't it? We don't know is the answer. I mean is it going to have a PS2-esque library? .... that's not happening but the Dreamcast was a failure and look at how many people still talk about it like its the greatest thing since sliced bread.

So far I am happy ... its gotten more action compared to my 3DS at least.

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I think it's worth it, and $190 isn't an awful price for the system.  I'd still buy it new, but that's just me.

I think there are certain categories of gamers who dislike the Vita for their own reasons.

There are people who dislike the Vita because it doesn't have the types of games they play, or else a really good iteration of a game they like.  It may eventually, but thus far it doesn't, and there haven't been any announcements indicating otherwise.  Some examples of this are COD: Black Ops Declassified, and Assassin's Creed 3: Liberation.  Because these games that normally appeal to the 'mature' (lol) gamer fell short, you will have a lot of gamers complaining that the Vita sucks.  This is already compounded by the fact that most of the gamers in that category are die-hard console enthusiasts and were iffy about handhelds to begin with.

You have people who are obsessed with Nintendo and dislike the Vita because it is in direct competition with the 3DS.

Then, you have people who own a smartphone or tablet and are satisfied with Fruit Ninja, and don't see the need for fun portable games.

All I can say is, maybe just try it for yourself and form your own opinions.

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Whether or not it's worth it really hinges on you.  Are there enough games on it to warrant a purchase? If the answer is yes, then there you go.

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I was like you. I always thought it'd be a cool gift, but I couldn't be bothered buying one myself. Well I bought one yesterday. And it's beautiful. It's impressive. A super fun little piece of tech. Playstation Plus has a nice starter library just added. You get Uncharted for free for example...not to mention Gravity Rush and Wipeout :o The possibilities for this little thing are endless. Yes I am happy with my buy. :D
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So far im happy with my purchase. A lot of games to play for me. Currently rolling through Persona 4 The Golden, really awesome game. Also All Stars ain't that shabby. Imo it will hold me off until Sony announces new exclusives for it, there's plenty of games to play for me. You should've told us what kind of games you like, so we can know whenever the purchase is worth it or not.

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On they are only $189.99 used and thats not including a memory card or a game. Some games do look interesting like Uncharted and Gravity Rush.FriendlyWalker
when it first came out i thought that its not worth it . but i checked the games library yesterday . and wow a lot of great games have came out . the only problem is the price
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I bought my "Recharged" Vita last week at Gamestop for $189 and am loving it. I bought Ragnarok Odyssey and also got the Playstation Plus deal. $50 a year for discounted and FREE games. Considering that right now you can get Uncharted, Gravity Rush, Ninja Gaiden Sigma and Wipeout 2048 for FREE..(after signing up for PS Plus), that is basically $150+ worth of games for $50! I think Madden 13 is like $18 on the PS Store as well.
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If you have to ask us then you probably shouldn't buy one. It's the #1 rule of purchasing something. If you cannot find enough reasons yourself to purchase something, you shouldn't purchase it. Buying something on other people's hype is not a good thing to do. I personally like my Vita, maybe not for the amount of money I spent for it but I am confident that in the next year or two I'll have many more reasons to love it.

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You could have just read one of the other "should I buy a Vita" threads that litter this part of the message board. There's about a thousand of them.
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Yes it is worth it. I have 20 retail games. There is plenty to play on PSvita. The system itself is excellent. The PSvita is the best handhld the screen is great. The controls are awesome. Finally a improved D pad. This is the first time Sony has changed up the D-pad design for the better. Great for Fighting games. Also Dual analog sticks instead of 1 analog nub.

Plus this year PS plus has arrived. So that helps when trying out some of the PSvita games for Newcomers. As a bonus there have been 15 free games that people can download for PSvita. 3 more Playstation moblle games to come.

This system is worth it. But it depends on how serious of a gamer people are. I enjoy portable and console gaming equally. Most folk just seem to like one or the other.

Sony seems to have caught on that it is wise to include a PSvita memory card with the System. The $249.99 Bundles include a 4GB PSvita memory card and a Game. Assasins Creed 3 or Call of Duty Decassified.

Yes it is worth it. But in the end it is up to everyone to make up their own mind.

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While I am a little disappointed in the new game selection and thought there would be more cross play games by now, I love my vita. I have had it since May and enjoy using it everyday. The Netflix and You Tube are cool apps to have even though I have a smartphone with them already. I joined Playstation Plus and would almost say it is a requirement to get the full vita experience. I love being able to download old PS1,PS2 and PSP games and replaying them. I bought Legends of Dragoon, Lunar Silver Star story and Soul Reaver because I hadn't played them in years. Overall the vita works very well and the graphics are great. I did buy the holder because prolonged game play hurt my hands and was a little uncomfortable.
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the 50 hours spent with persona 4 alone was worth getting it for me

#19 Posted by Recently (25 posts) -

Your milage will vary. If you're planning only only playing Vita games on the vita, then as you probably know, the current lineup of games available in north america is pretty limited.

If you really want to get the most out of the vita in its current state, you should:

1.) use PSN and be interested/buy ps1/psp games. Its a great platform for reliving some of the old classics.

2.) import games (japan currently has quite a few more vita games, alot of which will not likely be localized) This may or may not apply to you though depending on your ability to read japanese and weither or not you like jrpgs and other niche types of games.


I for one, enjoy my vita quite a bit since i do both of the above, but If i was strictly buying only for Vita games available in North america, i'd have probably not purchased one.

If i had to choose between a Vita and a 3DS, right *now* i'd choose a Vita. That being said, in 3-6 months from now, that would probably change since the 3DS has quite a few big, exclusive titles coming out. Vita really needs more games to be made and localized to NA within the next 6months to a year or else it might end up dying. Cheaper memory cards too (why the **** am i paying 3x more for a slightly altered microSD card....)

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If you're already asking that, then probably not. It's a nice bit of kit though. Got mine for £150 with NFS. 

Only complaint with it is that the 'nubs' feel far too small.

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If you can borrow it from a friend or try the demos at stores, you can get a feel for the system, and some of the games. In my opinion, if you have enough games on other systems to keep you busy, or a tablet, phone that you use a lot for gaming, then the Vita won't be necessary and if you can wait, wait til a lot more games come out for it. I purchased mine before the holidays, and honestly, I should have just waited to purchase one since I do not use it too often. When I'm home, I'm on the PS3/Xbox and when I'm out, I find myself using my tablet or phone for games.

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For me, my Vita was worth getting, and I am really enjoying the games and system.;)

#23 Posted by andyrulesliver (437 posts) -

fifa 13 all the time on the go... many hours wastedddd

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Ofcourse it's worth it!

It's a portable game system,it's ideal for travelling and stuff.

Then again,some ppl may be into Nintendo's exclusives.


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If you have PS+ and can find it on the discount price below 200$ (maybe trade something towards it) then it would work. The current price of 250$ (plus tax, and at least one game or PS+) - it's a hard recommendation.

If money aren't the problem - go for it. It's a wonderful hand-held. ;)

#26 Posted by Granpire (2749 posts) -
$250 is totally a great price for a brand new system. It's the card prices, which you failed to account for in your post, that are outrageously priced.