In FF VII, I have questions about the Limit Breaks

#1 Posted by hydralisk86 (8642 posts) -

So for example, i read on a guide that to get the Limit Break Waterkick for Tifa, it says you have to kill 96 enemies. But I don't know what this means. Is this saying that Tifa will get the kill of a monster as long as she hits it, and maybe another character kills it, or does she have to have the finishing attack that kills the monster?

#2 Posted by Gajan-K (2755 posts) -

In order to unlock Waterkick, Tifa has to deliver the finishing blow to the monster for it to count towards the 96 kills. Merely damaging the monster unfortunately doesn't count towards it.

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I read on that to learn Waterkick, you have to kill eighty opponents with Tifa. Like Gajan-K stated, she has to be the character who finishes them. Cloud or anyone else doing it counts towards their limit break limits if applicable.

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I heard it was 120 kills. whatever, just keep having Tifa kill enemies!