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Hi Guys

I need a little help in convincing my friends to switch from the Xbox One to the Playstation4, in my personal experience I've found the xbox OS, slow bulky and alot of features just wasted or not used, I just want to play great games at the end of the day.

We've all got Xbox one's and im trying to convert them, however here in the UK the xbox one is pretty much the same price as a Ps4 and the trade in value is crap now. Please help i need some good convining arguments to get them to change!


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xbox one is a glorified tv box, that only works in the us... :P

jk, it is a very decent machine with media capabilities, however the full extent of these can only be used in the us... both ps4 and xbox one are on par with each other, with ps4 having an incremental advantage in the graphics department at the moment, we will see how the story pans out in the future though... :)

both consoles are great, if none of your friends have bought one, it would be wiser to purchase as a group of friends, because it is more fun to play along with your friends...

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@Jackopeng said:

Please help i need some good convining arguments to get them to change!

If you have not heard enough about this already, I don't know what to say to you.

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Make new friends? :P

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Your friends already made the decision to buy the X1. They are beyond helping.

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@clr84651 said:

Your friends already made the decision to buy the X1. They are beyond helping.

^^^ This. Your friends have chosen to remain in the Xbox Live ecosystem. It's extremely hard to pull gamers out of that environment if more than, say, 3 friends are involved. Either follow suit and join them OR get new online friends.

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Tell them the X1 will mostly have shooter games. If they like RPGs, PS4 has FF14. With many more to come.

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just wait a few months / updates, mandatory Kinect, mandatory connexion each day (but as you don't know what time of day it's the same as connexion all the time), killing the used game business, all will come back in a way or another

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I kind if hope it does. I liked the no disk idea never bothered me. You have to pretty much install entire game anyways

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@Jackopeng: alright, you asked for it

Xbox One is more expensive, weaker, has less exclusive and has less indie games coming for it. Third party games run mostly at 720 and first party studio's only have 792p - 900p. There is only one exclusive so far running 1080p/60FPS. Kinect is a gimmick and the games for it are a joke. Even playroom is more fun than any game coming for Kinect. Just look at Fighter Within. You get better value for your money with PS+. you get one game each month for PS4 and you get 2 PS3 games and 2 Vita games. These games are not 5 years old. Also you can play games online that are Free 2 play, you don't need to pay just to play online for free games.

Live is also a joke when it comes to all paywalls. What you get for free on any other device, you have to pay for on Xbox. Netflix and other apps are all behind a paywall. The only thing you can use your Xbox for is singleplayer. We know MS isn't focusing on singleplayer games with their exclusive games, as they all have online gameplay now. Gears, Forza, Halo, Fable are their flagships and have online gameplay. You also need internet just to install the damn patch not to have DRM on it.

Now don't get me wrong, the games for Xbox One might be good, and i am not anti-Xbox. But there are just too many flaws to overlook. PS4 is the best choice this generation and i always go for the console i think is best