I Need Advice - Is The PSP Still Worth Picking Up

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Hey All I used to have a PSP and sold it at the start of last year. But now looking at all the games and features that are now available and coming soon I am seriously considering picking it up again. Current games that intrest me are: GTA: Vice City Stories Daxter Killzone Liberation Ratchet and Clack: Size Matters (coming soon) So please comment on if it's still worth a purchase :D Cheers
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Yes. The PSP pwns. It has tons of great games and much more.

MGS PO alone is reason enough to buy a PSP. It is that good.

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I am in Australia - and thats coming soon (metal gear) I'll 4 sure get it if I had a PSP though :P
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Honestly im gonna have to say no. Unless u get a 1.5 psp. then maybe it will be worth it
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PSP is getting GREAT additions to its library coming up, too.
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Yes here are the reasons why...

GTA: Liberty City stories
GTA: Vice City Stories
Killzone Liberation
Ratche and Clank: Size Matters
Metal Gear Solid Portable Ops
Wipeout Pure
Loco Rocco
Tekken Dark Resurrection
All the sports games...

Yes I'd say its worth it
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Yes. God of War coming to PSP =) http://www.neogaf.com/forum/showthread.php?t=141760
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If you've got the cash and want a portable system that plays driving games very well, then PSP is for you, if you want something for shooting/tactical-type stuff it gets hairy with the controls. The wifi and other features are neat, but it eventually all just comes down to if you want the games. The memory card price adds a good chunk onto the overall price, don't forget that.

If I had the choice again i'd put the money towards a Ps3 or a 360, but the PsP isn't a bad system.
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Yay God of war!
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If you like the games it has, then I can't see why it's not worth it.
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Short answer...YES!!!!!!!!!