I know this is a rehashed post for bf,cod or ac4?

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I always get pumped for cod but then the single campaign is too short and I could never get unto the mulyiplayer. The last few cod I played a used one and return it for a full refund before thr gamestop 7 day policy. I also read the reviews on cod ghost and both ps3 and 4 have frame rate issues.

So now its between BF and assassins creed. So I heard BF flying is difficult but how long is the campaign and how many people have difficulty flying helicopters etc? Every game will heli is difficult for me so not sure which game to get.

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AC IV: Black Flag, is the correct answer.

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@dipdish: thanks

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Campaign wise AC IV because BF4 has a mediocre campaign plus it loves losing your campaign progress.. Beat the first mission and I was bored to death and later found I\out it didn't even save it. Dice really ruined BF4 avoid it at all costs until they fix it.