I just bought a new PS2 slim, need RPGs.

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Hey, missed my old ps2 and bought a brand new ps2 slim at a good price....looking for some deep RPG's. I am not too into JRPG's, I like games like fallout but I did enjoy FF7 and FF8.

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Hmmm I was gonna say Dragonquest 8, Rogue Galaxy and Tales of the Abyss.......but jrpg's are a no no. Games like fallout don't exist on ps2. If they do, they are probably terrible.

Based on that, I'd recommend Mercenaries 1. Not 2, 1. M2 is bad, M1 is great, tho not a rpg.

Soul Calibur 3 is great too for offline play. Tenchu, Wrath of Heaven, BLACK, DBZ Tenkiachi 3 and Budokai 3 are good too.

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Dark Cloud 2

Dark Chronicle 2

Get both preferably.

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Get Persona 3 and 4. Does the slim have backwards compatibility? If so, see if you can find Persona and Persona 2 for the playstation as well. JRPGs, but good ones.

Also get Marvel Ultimate Alliance and Baldur's Gate Dark Alliance.

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  • Persona 3 and 4
  • Dark Cloud
  • Dragon Quest VIII
  • Rogue Galaxy
  • Odin Sphere
  • Kingdom Hearts I and II
  • Final Fantasy X and XII