I just beat Final Fantasy X :'( *SPOILERS

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I first played this game back in 2001 when it was released, but i lost my PS2 and I wanted to play the game ever since. I bought a PS2 from a friend and i bought this game from the local flea market and after finishing it...

Wow.....so much to take in from those last 10 minutes.... An epic journey comes to an abrupt and tragic end *aside from Auron's awesome last moment*.

It made me go in tears a little bit when Tidus starts to fade and Yuna tries to stop him, but she falls. I also saw after the credits, but there is one thing i do not understand (NOTE: I have not played FFX-2 yet, as I am about to start on it) is that how is Tidus arising again? Is it because of the fayth at the temple noted that He and Jecht were more than just a dream? Is there any way to explain this without spoiling X-2?

Also BTW, i think this is my all-time favorite FF game now.

It has the best characters, most innovation (full 3D environments, voice acting, and AMAZING battle system), and a journey that actually feels and epic. The scope of the game seems amazingly HUGE with the vast and distinct locations!


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FFx is great I agree. Ending is sad but incredible. I hope you can find a better 50 hours of your life though!

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I think the ending is explained in X-2 if you get the good ending

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I want to replay this game now....

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@MoeAlza said:

I want to replay this game now....

I will wait for FFX HD and play the hell out of it