I finished GTA5 single player spoiler alert

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The game is long as u know what. The heist are my favorite part of the game besides the exploring. My least part of the game is the last 20% of the game where micheal and Trevor birch and constantly curse at each other. As Franklin I chose to save both off them but may go back and kill Trevor. Trevor is my least favorite character despites others loving him. I think he is revolting to me with not a ounce of moral being. Trevor only good part is his missions are the most fun not his character. It would have been nice to have a girl take Trevor place.

Now since I made 13 mil on last heist I will buy up most of the properties. I will play gta until ps4 launch and may sell system. With all yhe glitches online I have barely touched it. That will be my next endeavour.

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You dont like trevor because he lacks morals? How is it possible for you to like any other character in that game? lol