I bought the PS4 camera for the heck of it

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I came into some money so i felt .. oh what they hey. I wanted to buy it before but knew there weren't a lot of things to do yet. I agree with the playroom being a little bare in features but the camera works great to me. I like the toymaker and this is fun for kids. I just hope sony continues to add cool things to do in the playroom. I wanted to be part of contributing to supporting the product and hope others will join to encourage more games.

The set is crazy easy and its amazing how responsive the camera sensors are to the interaction to the robots. I am almost tempted to buy another controller to play air hockey but i will wait for that later. If my budget allows after my vacation then I may get another controller. My wife doesn't play enough games to justify buying another controller at this time. I don't hang out with anyone in this city even though I've been here for 1 yr in 7 months so every gamer i play will be online.

My only complaint with the camera is the resolutions at 720p. I wish it was 1080p like the kinect which you can see the difference from the video IGN did a few weeks ago. Kinect is definitely a better looking camera but PS4 camera is very responsive and i will give its performance a 8/10 with game library 5/10 and that score is very kind.

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Honestly I'm not into "casual" or "family" gaming, but Sports champions, High velocity bowling, Planet minigolf are awesome, Epic Mickey was good too. The detection is incredible (allowing to do lifts, slices on Tennis) and I don't understand why the big licences (Virtua tennis, Top spin) can't do an amazing game with it. Some say FPS are great with it too.

I think the thing that could change the Move popularity would be a big license - Star Wars would be great with Move controlling the lightsaber or force to move objects.

So I guess we'll have some nice things for it, but maybe not much if only Sony studios do good work with it (Media Molecule seem to have some ideas).

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I'm hopefully going to get it for Christmas, i was a little concerned about it but once i saw that chat show from the US where they had the robots and the guy went to kick one and it flew straight into the screen that was funny and it actually convinced me to go buy one. i thought it had 2 1080p cameras??? but o well it looks good and i'd love a good tennis game, i had so much fun with wii tennis i'd love a good one, and what happened to Time crisis this is made for it i know they did one for the move but they did such a bad job of it where you had to hold the button on the move, them games would just be great

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I want to get it but I'm not sure how it will be used.

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@bezza2011: its 1080p by specs but I think I read and see its actually 720 I guess compression where Kinect is 1900 something(forgot the #) but after compression its actully 1080. I need to look it up. The ps4 camera in dark light u see slight graininess but ign video of Kinect vs s4 camera the Kinect doesn't have graininess like ps4. I know people stated ps4 as 720.

Edit ps4 1280*800 Kinect 2 1920*1080 so the difference is noticeable. I think that makes ps4 not a true 1080 p

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@ewalthour: thanks for the insight. it can't be as bad as the ps eye, that was so bad i remember getting it and i put the eye petz demo on for my lil girl and the picture quality was awful iot was like watching an old cctv colour monitor it was that bad

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i would get it if i had the money atm

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I didn't buy it yet--what for? Are there any Move controls supporting games on the PS4 yet? And then, together with the paired controller the PS4 will support also my PS Eye camera for future Move functionalities, I hope (+_+;)