I Bought A PS3!!!!!!!!!!!

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Posted by Ragnarok2887 (25 posts) -

Yes, it's nearly Christams (2013) and the PS4 has just launched, but I have bought my very first PS3!!!

I've been away from gaming for the last few years due to work and such like, but I thought it was about time to get back into the gaming chair and check out what I have been missing. There are so many great games on the system that I have missed, plus I was blown away with the price that the PS3 is selling at now that I just had to treat myself to one.

I ended up getting the PS3 500gb bundle that came with both 'Gran Turismo 6' & 'The Last Of Us', plus I picked up a copy of 'Buzz! Quiz TV' (with buzzers) and 'FIFA 12' for a ridiculously cheap price. Now whilst I have only been playing for a few days, I have been blown away with all the games so far.

'Buzz! Quiz TV' is great for the whole family to play on a boring week night when there is nothing on tele. It's fun, friendly and gets the old noggin working. Not something that I would play too regularly, but for every now and again it's perfect.

'FIFA 12' is a bit old now (what with FIFA 14 now being sold) but it is still a great game. I had been a PES player in my PS2 playing days, but FIFA seems to have really stepped up to the plate since then. I think the graphics are great, the game play is enjoyable and the depth to the actual game itself is amazing. The only downside is that because it is an old game, some of the online features have been/are about to be removed. I'm not that big of an online player myself (yet), so that isn't that bad really.

'Gran Turismo 6' has been thoroughly enjoyable so far and probably the one that I have played the most. I haven't played a GT game since GT2, so the graphics have noticeably improved for me. The game itself still has the core that made those early versions great, but with additions of updated cars, tracks, side games, etc. I'm absolutely loving it.

'The Last Of Us' was a game that I had been really looking forward to playing, especially after reading all of the hype that it has received. All I can say is WOW! I think I ended up playing to the halfway point in one sitting after turning it on, I was just hooked straight away. The story (so far) is excellent, the graphics are spectacular, I really like the characters, but above all, I love the way the game plays. The fact that you need to find all of your supplies and look after them is great. It really builds the whole sense of survival that underpins the game throughout. I can't wait to see how the story pans out and am already looking forward to playing through the game again.

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These games are bound to last me a while yet, but I am already looking forward to trying out some others on my 'To Play' list. These include (in no particular order);

  • Assassin's Creed (Series)
  • Uncharted (Series)
  • Heavy Rain
  • GTA 4 & 5
  • Red Dead Redemption
  • Dead Space (Series)
  • Mass Effect (Series)
  • Bioshock (Series)
  • Portal 2
  • Final Fantasy XIII
  • LA Noire
  • Far Cry 3
  • Tomb Raider (The latest one)

I'm sure there are other great games out there for the PS3 that I can try as well. I'm just blown away by the excellent library of games available. What games do you reckon I should check out for the PS3? What have been your favourite that you would recommend? I'd love to know your opinions.

Anyway, I'll try to update my PS3 experience as I go. I have no plans to buy a PS4 or Xbone yet, so will just be enjoying this for the next couple of years at least.

Feel free to add me on PSN (ragnarok2887) :)

#1 Posted by marcheegsr (3017 posts) -

Congrats on being way behind lol Just kidding.

I would love to go back to the first day I got my ps3.

Anyways you got some good games so far. GT6 and The last of Us especially.

Enjoy your system and all the great games you still have to play.

My advice is to get the Mass effect trilogy asap!

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@marcheegsr: Yeah, Mass Effect does look good. May have to take a look at that one next. So many great games to choose between :)

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Also look into Beyond Two souls, and Ni No kuni. Great sony exclusives that are a must play.

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There is actually a sticky thread for PS3 games if you are looking for recommendation. :) Also I would highly recommend trying out the Souls series if you are looking for some challenges! Have fun with your PS3.

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Enjoy man !

Welcome back to the gaming world, you cannot leave now ! Muwhahaha

#6 Posted by Megavideogamer (5674 posts) -

Welcome to the Playstation family. Better late than never. The good news is you can catch up on 7 years worth of Playstation 3 games. The last of US and GTA 5 bundle is a great deal. So enjoy the PS3 and catch up on all of the games you have missed.

#7 Posted by porkchopxp (1163 posts) -

I actually envy you. There are so many MOMENTS ahead of you that I wish I could experience the first time all over again. That feeling of making life and death command decisions ala Star Trek/Battlestar Galactica in Mass Effect 2. The surreal feeling of slowly galloping across the Mexican desert at sunset in Red Dead Redemption. The feeling of power, nostalgia and intelligence you get the first time you flawlessly clear a predator map sequence in Batman Arkham Asylum. The Train sequence from Uncharted 2. Gliding from rooftop to rooftop in Infamous. The first time you realize you're in mortal danger in Heavy Rain. Saving 18 out of 18 civilians in an Extraction mission in Xcom Enemy Unknown. Act IV of MGS 4.

Just to name a few . . . welcome to the world of the PS3, enjoy!

#8 Posted by Nengo_Flow (10644 posts) -

Way too late, you missed out on alot.

There are great thats i cant recommend becuz they have aged already and their multiplayers are dead.

#9 Posted by MethodManFTW (26145 posts) -


You have a ton of great (and at this point - very cheap) games to play!

#10 Posted by Handin (409 posts) -

Definitely pick up Dark Souls 2. Was by far my favorite game this gen.

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I bought my first PS3 November 24th 2006. I bought 2 PS4s November 15th 2013. I bought both before you got a PS3. Wow!

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  • Okami HD
  • Dark Souls/Souls Franchise
  • God of War Saga Collection
  • Infamous Collection
  • Bioshock Trilogy
#13 Posted by Thajewbear (28 posts) -

Fallout 3, Skyrim, Dark Souls, Dishonored, Mass Effect.

Although you have already mentioned them, I highly recommend Dead Space 1 and 2 (my personal favorite games of all time), 3 was just okay. LA Noire and Dark Souls are also very highly recommended along with Mass Effect 2 and 3.

Enjoy your new system.

#14 Posted by RimacBugatti (1632 posts) -

So how are the graphics in comparison to Forza 5?

#15 Posted by ristactionjakso (6118 posts) -

- Dragon Age 1 and 2

- Dues Ex HR Directors cut

- Kingdom of Amalur

- Gucamelee

- Castle Crashers

- Borderlands 2

- Uncharted series

- God of War series

- Infamous series

- Terraria

- Killzone Trilogy

- Call of Juarez Gunslinger

- Far Cry 3 + Blood Dragon

- Trine 2

- Mass Effect trilogy

- Batman Arkham Asylum, Arkham City and Origins

- Resistance 3

- DBZ Budokai 3 HD remake

So much more. Have fun catching up.

#16 Posted by marcheegsr (3017 posts) -

@Handin said:

Definitely pick up Dark Souls 2. Was by far my favorite game this gen.

Huh? Hasn't even come out yet.

#17 Posted by BattleSpectre (7543 posts) -

A bit late, but hey better now than never. Enjoy the massive library of games the PS3 has to offer. To be honest you're not missing out much on the PS4, not yet anyways.

#18 Posted by withe1982 (450 posts) -

Looks like you have a good idea of what games you want and your suggested list is pretty much spot on.

I'd add:

  • Deus Ex: HR (Director's cut)
  • Infamous 1 & 2
  • Demon's Souls
  • Beyond 2 souls (playing through at the minute and enjoying it very much)

Then play TLOU again, and again, and again as it's spectacular.

#19 Posted by kipsta77 (1119 posts) -

Good on you! I still play my PS2 quite regularly actually.

#20 Posted by RossRichard (2604 posts) -

You mentioned Red Dead Redemption, IMO that is the best game on the PS3/360. Get it ASAP. Also check out Dragon's Crown, and if you liked the NES Zelda get 3D Dot Game Heroes. That is a very underrated game, you can get it really cheap on Amazon.

#21 Posted by Ragnarok2887 (25 posts) -

@marcheegsr: Oh yeah, forgot about 'Beyond: Two Souls', that looks pretty good. Will have to look into 'Ni No kuni' as I haven't heard of that one

#22 Posted by Ragnarok2887 (25 posts) -

@porkchopxp: Looking forward to all of them (you certainly set the scene well) :)

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you should try out PES, it's still great. Fifa is a little more arcade than PES.

  • Assassin's Creed (Series)
  • Red Dead Redemption
  • Mass Effect (Series)
  • Final Fantasy XIII
  • Far Cry 3
  • Tomb Raider (The latest one)

i recomend all these games from your list. Maybe you should also try out these games aswell:

  • Dragon Age: Origins
  • Ni No Kuni
  • Final Fantasy 13-2
  • Batman Arkham Asylum and Arkham City
  • Walking Dead
  • Journey
  • flower
  • Saints Row: The Third
  • Transformers Fall of Cybtertron
  • Little Big Planet 2
  • Battlefield 3
  • Spec Ops
  • Dirt 3

i would recomend all of these games aswell :)

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@Nengo_Flow: I can't say that I'm a huge fan of multiplayer games. Much more interested in the story and gameplay tbh. That's not to say that I'm against it, it's just not my primary concern

#25 Posted by Ragnarok2887 (25 posts) -

@RimacBugatti: I don't know, I've never played Forza as I haven't owned an Xbox.

#26 Posted by CommanderShiro (21746 posts) -

Consider getting a subscription to Playstation Plus. The benefits are huge.

#27 Posted by Netret0120 (2871 posts) -

By the time you get done with PS3, PS4 will be ending:-P but congrats dude.

The lists i have seen above pretty much are like mine. Definitely play GTA5 before you leave your PS3

#28 Posted by ps3hdalltime (236 posts) -

Congrats PS3 is simply amazing. Enjoy every single bit/second of it.

#29 Posted by Nengo_Flow (10644 posts) -

@Ragnarok2887 said:

@Nengo_Flow: I can't say that I'm a huge fan of multiplayer games. Much more interested in the story and gameplay tbh. That's not to say that I'm against it, it's just not my primary concern

Was the same way. But some games you wouldnt think you've care for its multiplayer end up really surprising you.

When Uncharted 2 was anounced to have multiplayer, I was upset. When the game came out, it ended up being the best multiplayer I had ever played. Becuz of that I was ultra hyped for U3s multiplayer wish was also great and I spend hundreds of hours into it.

#30 Posted by VirtualAntics (554 posts) -

Prototype series.

Beyond: Two Souls.

Remember Me.

The Walking Dead (Telltale games. Not the tv show tie in.)

Elder Scrolls: Skyrim.

Valkyria Chronicles.

Dragon Age II.


Binary Domain.

Medal Of Honor.

Grand Theft Auto V. (Trevor is the best.)

Resistance series.

Little Big Planet 2.

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That's actually really great! Good on you, CONGRATS! Enjoy your ps3 and focus on it, don't worry/rush towards ps4, worry on it later, don't rush your gaming times with your ps3, stop and smell the roses of whatever games you will play. Seize the moment. Have fun!

#32 Posted by yngsten (284 posts) -

Congrats, staying a generation behind is not that bad an idea really. Have fun playing all the greatest games patched up at 1/3 the price!

#33 Posted by Aclar00_basic (902 posts) -

@Ragnarok2887: Do you somehow work directly or indirectly for Sony? Your post smells of marketing BS...

#34 Edited by dipdish (874 posts) -

Congrats. = )

Go ahead and try L.A. Noire and Red Dead Redemption, along with some PS exclusives such as; LittleBigPlanet 2 or God of War III.

#35 Posted by gamenerd15 (4476 posts) -

Ratchet and Clank a Crack in time, Puppeteer, Rayman Legends and Origins, Sly Cooper Thieves in Time, the Uncharted Trilogy, The Resistance Trilogy, Mortal Kombat, Infamous 1 and 2, Ninja Gaiden Sigma, Ni No Kuni, Tekken Tag 2. I have heard that Dishonored and Far Cry 3 are awesome. Tales of Graces and Tales of Xillia are good too.

#36 Posted by mrintro (1354 posts) -

Cool... I guess

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@Aclar00_basic said:

@Ragnarok2887: Do you somehow work directly or indirectly for Sony? Your post smells of marketing BS...

Yeah, I'm the chuffing CEO of Sony :)

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if i can reset my memory and go back to PS3 launch , i would . Its been one hell of a ride . Have fun !

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I've had my PS3 for a year now. So far so good, actually its amazing! Typical that as soon as I catch up from ps2 to ps3 Sony coughs up a ps4! I am destined to be behind forever... welcome to the club.

#41 Posted by Ragnarok2887 (25 posts) -

@MrTakeda said:

I've had my PS3 for a year now. So far so good, actually its amazing! Typical that as soon as I catch up from ps2 to ps3 Sony coughs up a ps4! I am destined to be behind forever... welcome to the club.

Nice to know that I'm not the only one then :)

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@MrTakeda said:

I've had my PS3 for a year now. So far so good, actually its amazing! Typical that as soon as I catch up from ps2 to ps3 Sony coughs up a ps4! I am destined to be behind forever... welcome to the club.

Ditto, although my PS3 is going 3 years old now but there's still a lot of amazing games worth playing and as the PS4 becomes more popular, all these PS3 games will drop in price and keep me playing. I don't see myself slowing down soon, so why rush into the PS4 when there's helluva lot still to be discovered!

#43 Posted by thirdson1812 (100 posts) -

Here are some other exclusive games series I recommend playing which you didn't mention:

  • Killzone series
  • inFAMOUS series
  • God of War series
  • Resistance series
  • Ratchet and Clank series
  • LittleBigPlanet series

There are some others but I can't remember them on the top of my head, lol.

#44 Posted by TheConzio (25 posts) -

Gran Turismo 6's camera elevation has changed. Has anyone else noticed this?

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I still have my PS3 and this month or maybe next month I might buy PS4 so have fun with your PS3 that console has lots of games to play that I really enjoyed

#46 Posted by DenzelFreeman (101 posts) -

Far Cry 3 is a must have that I see is on your list. I also just recently have fallen in love with Diablo 3. This games is tons of fun alone and equally as fun with three others in the room or online if your into that. With the different classes and the wide array of armor it offers tons of replay ability. I also am new to the PS3 although I have had every other sony system and I picked up infamous with it and have loved it so far. The gameplay is so fluid for a game that was released early in that consoles lifespan and the plot is spot on. PS Plus is also a good idea even though the internet is free on it. It is only 50 dollars for the year and i already have in the last month or so downloaded Boarderlands 2, Uncharted 3, Devil May Cry, Shadow Of The Colossus,a few indie games, and intend to download Bioshock infinite (which I have already played and loved) later this month when it is released free for PS plus subscribers. If you need any other suggestions message me and let me know.

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Get Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon, it's a standalone title meaning you don't need Far Cry 3 to play it. Congrats on the PS3. Some games you should get:

Dead Nation

God of War Collection/Origins Collection/GOW3

Heavy Rain

Infamous 1/2

Killzone 2/3

Ratchet and Clank HD Collection/Crack In Time/Into The Nexus

Uncharted 1/2/3


WWE 2K14


Saints Row 4

Trine 1/2

Just a few I can think of from the top of my head.