How many people faced problem of controller's thumbsticks?

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For me, two of my controller with trouble about thumb sticks, the rubber peels off, and I just changed my console then I am facing the new trouble, I hate SONY this time.

Do any people know what should I do. Many thanks.

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@kubidong said:

For me, two of my controller with trouble about thumb sticks, the rubber peels off, and I just changed my console then I am facing the new trouble, I hate SONY this time.

Do any people know what should I do. Many thanks.

Who taught you to speak? Yoda?

Console referring are you to, huh?

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I've heard about this problem in the past but have been lucky enough to never encounter it. I would suggest using some grips. I have these for my DS3 and they have been brilliant.

Is the controller still under warranty? If so, I would return it for a new controller.

You could also, learn how to change the sticks on the remote. They can be found on ebay for under $10. Haven't taken apart a controller since my DS2 so I don't know the pitfalls of taking one apart now. I would consider this option a last resort.

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The rubber on my Dual shock 4 controller left thumbstick is peeling off. I think its mostly because of fifa since that game relies heavily on a lot of movement with that thumbstick and maybe im a little rough with it.

Still Im surprised it started to peel so soon. I expect sony to release another controller down the road that addresses this issue.

My dual shock 3 controller is still going strong with no peeling.

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#5 Posted by Terrencec06 (3963 posts) -

my left thumbstick was peeling a little bit but I peeled the little piece off. All is good as of now but still this is not good.

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Holy shit guys, stop taking your anger out on the controller. I've been sharing one controller between my brother and I since the release of the controller (which was longer before the console launch) and there is absolutely zero signs of wear on the rubber of the analog sticks. It has seen daily use for hours.

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I got some grip pad things to go over the top of them, they came free in some Playstation magazine when the PS3 first came out. I don't know if they are sold anywhere, they probably are. I'd recommend getting some, it'll protect the thumb sticks as well as help with gripping them really well. I couldn't recommend them enough, i doubt i could play as well if i didn't have them

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i didn't even know the rubber could come off. i've never had that problem with any controller ever.

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Yep the thumbsticks are shit. Had to put covers on mine to stop the wear. Two of my friends are also having trouble with their thumbsticks wearing way faster than they should.

Surely Sony could see this problem but I guess if it means people have to buy new controllers it is more money in the bank for them...and lets face it their bank vault is pretty bare at the moment so it is probably a strategic move by them.

Sneaky bastards.

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I've had the same problem. It started happening around the same time my brother was using the system so I put it down to rough use...but I'm hearing similar stories from other people.

Really bothers me because I'm the kind of person who almost religiously washes hands before handling a controller.

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my thumbsticks are fine. since i dont play games too much it makes me think the problem must come from very heavy use. still seems a bit premature given the systems only been out for 2 months

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Had my PS3 since launch and I have no problems. Sorry to hear about that.

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Wow, some of you guys must have monster grips because I've never heard of this issue. I would think someone like myself who trains with weights would have an issue but I've never had this problem.

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Still no problems with mine.

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Does anybody else thumbs slip off when playing a shooting game ?

Pulling off head shots in Uncharted was such a giant pain in the ass because the sticks just didn't let me be precise.