How long does PS3 system restore take??

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Okay, I'm having trouble with my system restore. I just installed a new HDD and hooked up an external HDD with the backup on it. I initiated the system restore process and it said it would take 1 hour and 43 minutes. This was late last night so I went ahead and went to sleep. I woke up almost 8 hours later to find it on 97% with ten minutes left. The funny thing was that after watching it for an hour it didn't change. So I cancelled it and started the entire process over. This time it said 2 hours and 13 minutes and went at a very respectable pace until it hit 76% and 23 minutes left. Now its been well over an hour andhas only increased by two percent with even more time left (32 minutes). I'm sure this is what happened last night, butthere's no way that this is right.How long does this process usually take? Hasanyone else experienced anything like this?

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Okay, suddenly, it hit 88% and is now moving along pretty smoothly. Hopefully it won't stop again at 97%.
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Mine took like 5 hours.

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Mine took like 5 hours.

Ok, well, that's about how long this one seems to be taking.