How do you hold a PS4 controller?

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I've said it a ton of times already, but DS4 hurts my hands a lot.

DS3 I used to cradle and it felt fine. 360 I gripped firm and it was fine.

I try to grip DS4 and my hands really hurt after a short playthrough. I have gigantic hands.

Do you cradle it? Grip it hard? I tried one way that may be working now, but the bottom quarter of my hand ends up not touching any of the controller that way.

I want to learn to like the controller, but no other controller took this much effort before. Either way I'll be stuck with it because that's my console.

Any suggestions? Cradle? Firm? Bottoms of hands slightly exposed at the bottom?

I know it sounds silly, but it's driving me crazy. I want to not be in pain. Lol

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I just hold it like I do any other controller, I wasn't aware there was a special way to hold controllers now.

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the regular way? I don't have any problems with it

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I hold it upside down. Sometimes with my feet.

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It probably just wasn't made for my hands. It just always hurts, but I play through it.

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Well, I've never actually held one, but if I did, I would probably hold it with my hands. :P

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I'm actually a little worried about the PS4 controller since it seems much bigger than the PS3's controller, which is a comfortable fit for me.

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like i held the ps3 controller, but more so. lmfao