How do I register my PS3 to my 'media server'?

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What software are you using on your computer? The topic doesn't really give us much to work with. But, your software should automatically pick up your PS3's IP. You should know that the PS3's IP changes, so you may have to check that your PC is using the proper IP to stream to.
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Windows 7 is a cake-walk to get media server going... With XP or i think Vista you gotta download software, or use Windows Media Player 11 and just use that as a streaming software and it works really well. Just click Library and click Media Sharing, all will be revealed. Here's a googled instruction set:

1. Click on the arrow under the Library ( from Windows media Player)
2. Click More Options
3. Library
4. Configure Sharing
5. Check Share my Media
6. You should see under share my media an icon ( Unknow device) that's your PS3
7. Click on it and allow.
then click ok.

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Thanks John. Very clear, concise directions. Works perfectly.
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i use this program its free and works really good

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hey um for some reason my library icon does not have an arrow beside it, it just says library and then playlists right below it that has an arrow, but the library does not.
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PS3mediaserver should detect the PS3 automatically if it's on (could be less easy depending on the Wifi box you use, using DMZ should work)

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what about for windows 8?