How do I get Trophies offline?

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I do not have my PS3 online. When I recently bought my copy of Dead Space (love it!) it came with a system update and trophy support for the game. My question is this. Can I re-install my other games that do have trophy support and start acheiving them? Or is this something that has to be done thru the PSN?
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I never thought about it.

yeah, I'd guess that you'd have to download the patches but you couldnt do that offline. reinstalling the game would do nothing, because the game didn't come with the trophy patch in it like dead space had.

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Some games have to be updated to allow trophy support like Grand Theft Auto IV and Uncharted. Otherwise you can unlock trophies for games that already support them but they won't be added to your PSN profile until you go online and sync them.
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Not !! It's a trick to make you go online and update your PS3 . That way Sony has control . When a new software update is available, you cannot go online before you update, smart, not ?
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Whats trophies?

is it like achievements for the xbox 360?

Explain please:)