Help me find sprite RPG/Strategy PS3 games please

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Hi. I'd like to find games that has similar graphics to Record of Agarest or The Guided Fate of Paradox. I also came across Disgaea series, also Might and Magic Clash Cross Edge, and Rainbow Moon ( didn't like it). I don't mind old games. It would also be nice if you mention upcoming ones.


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dot Heroes... forget the full title, but it was a game developed in that 8-bit sprite style, but with polished graphics... it's hard to explain, but look it up. I found it for 8 bucks and bought it, complete steal, amazing game.

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Breath of Fire 4 on psn. It has a great combat system.

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Thanks for the replies. BoF 4 looks great I might get it. Since what I am looking is really rare to find. I only found out that PSP game library is full of sprite turn based strategy. I might hook up my PSP to my TV and purchase PSP games off PSN since PSP games have really lowered in prices