HDMI PS3 Problems

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I have a PS3 that works perfectly fine but has problems with the HDMI port. The HDMI works, both the cord and the port. The problem though is that it will work fine for a month or so then on a random day, it starts to display a black screen. I'm guessing the TV recognizes the PS3 since the screen acts like something is suppose to be there because when something is not connected to it, it just shows a bright blue screen that says "No Signal". That doesn't happen when I turn the PS3 on, its there but its just a black screen with no sound. Does this happen to anyone else? Is there something I can do to fix it? I've changed HDMI cables before and it still displays the black screen. It will randomly work again a day or so later but I just want to play my games.

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Do a video reset

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@GTR12: Is that the hold power button until it beeps trick? I've done it a lot of times and keeps showing the black screen. I bought my PS3 used without a manual so I don't know anything else.

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Check on your PS3 make sure your resolution settings are right and that your tv and game will support the resolution your playing it at.

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@Jr14: Everything checks out. My tv supports 1080p, it works most of the time but today it doesn't seem to want to.

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Update: The PS3 is working again. I guess the TV and PS3 were having an argument and didn't want to work together all day lol. How the people around the couple that argue suffer...

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It might be the inputs on your TV. My vizio does that. I wiggle and it's fine.

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@SpiderLuke: What a coincidence, I own a Vizio as well. I may try the wiggle trick next time. I usually to plug and unplug multiple times but it never helped.

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@norm41x: I had to have mine repaired once before for a different flickering issue. But yeah, there are certain jacks on my TV, no matter what I plug into them, they have that issue. Sometimes there is an HDMI cable that works better over another because one might fit more snugly than another. It probably just stays in place better with some cords. I don't know the reason, but I'm getting used to wiggling it while starting up. The HDMI cord that is.

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Ya sometimes they can come loose and you have to wiggle it. Had to tape my composite cords whenever I had a ps2 on the bottom/front of my old tv and have them turned just right or the game wouldn't even turn on and it would just have a black screen with sound.