Has Fallout 3 been updated to fix bugs?

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I played it originally on the Xbox 360, which I no longer have. Still have my PS3 and I'd like to go back and play through the GOTY edition with the extra content. I was wondering if the PS3 version was every patched. I remember hearing the game was very buggy on the PS3 when it released, though I've no idea if the game has since been fixed. Anything I should know about before playing. Some stuff I saw seems to suggest there's still crashing problems with some players and having to work around stuff, like disabling auto-save and such. Anything I should know before picking this up?

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Yes it has been patched, but you may face the occasional freeze and glitch here and there. I mean it is a Bethesda game after all so don't expect it to be a silky smooth experience, but I still think it's worth to buy again. Fallout 3 is the best game ever made in my opinion.

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There are still some bugs but its no where near unplayable. I played through it about 6 months ago. I had the occasional freeze when loading new areas but nothing that wanted me to stop playing.

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I'm sure it's fine. I played the game on 360 originally too, however I've played the PS3 version and its essentially identical. Enjoy!