GTA IV 1.04 Patch

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I fired up GTA IV earlier on today and I had to download a 20MB patch for version 1.04. Does anyone know what this actually does? I was hoping for in-game soundtracks, but sadly it wasn't.
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Trophies were in patch 1.03. I've been getting them for ages now, this patch is new, today.
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might be better online stablilty i dunno, try the rockstar forums on gta4 maybe they might be able to help or jus google it, or ign. or somewere on gamespot, dunno mate just try searchin the net.
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Yeah I looked around briefly, nothing definate on what it does. According to some it's only out in PAL regions.
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I've been looking around for information too. 1.03 was the trophy update. I'm in an NTSC region (i.e. the US) and had to download the update as well.
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i bloody hope it's online stability. My PSN Is dodgy enough,

but when i fire up GTA I cant stay online for more than 5 minutes!