Game UK renege on PS4 "pre-Christmas" guarantee

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So Game have reneged on their "pre-Christmas" guarentee for anyone with a deposit down on a PS4 pre-order (placed after 6th August):

But have magically 'found' some launch day stock for the very expensive bundles:

What a funny coincidence...


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I've noticed this aswel im actually on the verge of scrapping my phase2 pre order, I'm quite annoyed to be honest. I want it before christmas

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I wonder if my friend will get his PS4. He ordered it no more than 1 month ago.

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I pre-ordered mine in June. I'm in no rush for it, so i'm picking it up tomorrow night. I still haven't played beyond, so I wouldn't mind waiting a week or so longer lol

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I ended up q'ing in asda for one and getting it so if anyone wants a pre ordered ps4 let me know