Full Auto 2, a Fun Game

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Here's a post I made when I bought it shortly after the game's release:

Pulled it from this old thread: "Full Auto 2 = FUN!"

I only played the original demo (Full Auto 1 on the 360), but never bought it, even though it was fun, I wasn't sure the full game woul hold my interest long and coupled with the bad reviews or opinions.

But I thought I'd give this one a try, I mean I just got the PS3 and not much to choose from anyway.

And from what I played so far, I really like it. It's just fun and satisfying. The levels were much more than races like I was expecting, but missions at the same time, with the normal attackers, then more come onto the scene, some amushing head on, mini bosses that jump onto the scene, all while going 100mph with destruction everywhere. Some missions you have someone to protect, take out a rival, then the deathmatches in these huge arenas are a nice break from the racing.

You usually get to have two weapons, that you get to pick. Depending on the vehicle stats on which weapons you can load .From the original Full Auto, the demo on the 360 forced you to pick a car, which resulted in a default machine gun and one special ability, so if you wanted to rockets, you had to pick that car. But here, you can customize the weapons, and plan ahead by the durability of the car, speed and handling for the mission ahead. And in arenas there are a couple bonus weapons like motars or firebomb, also unlimited ammo so no heatup or unlimited boost.

The graphics are great too. I don't know what the other person said, but on an HDTV, 55inch LCD, the textures can be razor sharp in this game, more than any game I've seen. And it has great AA too, hardly any jaggies, makes the game look too good in pauses like you see from the stills. The road has a super fine texture at times for example, buildings look great, vehicles have a great amout of detail. I'm pleased with the graphics of this game. And the amout of destruction is great again, stray bullets and rockets knock walls off with plenty of small fragments, tons of glass, huge razor sharp cracks in the ground from explosions. This game is just crisp.

Framerate, it's good, chugs sometimes, but not enough to complain. Only problem I have is that it stutters now and then, from auto camera pans after a race, to sometimes racing, but not there in replays. Speaking of replays, I hate how it's connect to your car. While it's nice to have a instant replay whenever you want, but it's often to see something else that happened and have the camera locked onto your car with limited distance is annyoing, I wish it could move freely or change to another car. And I guess no full replay of an entire race.

Once I got past all the roughness of some stuttering issues I played it all day yesterday.