Formula One Championship Edition WTF?

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#1 Posted by hajrudin1984 (311 posts) -

This is what it got from EDGE WTF?

Formula One Championship Edition (PS3, Sony): 4 :roll:

#2 Posted by TE_Lawrence (6934 posts) -
out of how much, 5 or 10? 4 out of 10 sounds a bit harsh.
#3 Posted by hajrudin1984 (311 posts) -
Out of 10 :s couldnt belive it
#4 Posted by TE_Lawrence (6934 posts) -
Weird, what were the major complaints?
#5 Posted by hajrudin1984 (311 posts) -
Dont realy know , they just mentioned couple of scores and F1 had a 4.
#6 Posted by MattBrian (625 posts) -
yawn..most of us have the demo and its a highly enjoyable game, most spots ign, gamespot have already had geat impressions so far...
#7 Posted by hajrudin1984 (311 posts) -
Yeah thats what i thougt to. Let us wait till other sites review it.
#8 Posted by dayday6 (635 posts) -

That can't be 4/10.

The demo was great, control & graphics + sound.

Must be 4/5

#9 Posted by trav_have (5620 posts) -
Id say dont listen to them, since all the other professional reviewers gave it a good score.
#10 Posted by volumetricCloud (158 posts) -
EDGE basically sucks b@lls at reviews.
#11 Posted by g-shocker (117 posts) -
That is certainly a dissapointing score. I for one will still be grabbing this title as the demo has me hooked. I guess you need to be a F1 fan to really appreciate the game.