Final Fantasy 7 ps1 : Any way to save game?

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#1 Posted by amapi (2404 posts) -

Hey, i've started playing FF7 for ps1 on my ps3 but I can't save. I can with my ps2 games, and it obviously saves straight to the hard drive but I can't on ps1 games. I never knew this because I haven't even bothered playing any ps1 games on my ps3, only ps2 and ps3 games. Do I have to buy something to save on the ps3 when playing with the ps1 games?

Help would be appreciated. Thanks.

#2 Posted by Darthnesto (25 posts) -
No, just create a ps1 Virtual memory card on your ps3 under game saves, and assign it to slot 1 or 2
#3 Posted by BenderUnit22 (9594 posts) -
Make a virtual PS1 memory card and assign it to slot 1
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Thanks very much guys. :)
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Okay I have a virtual memory card on my ps3 and it is assigned to slot one but I still cannot figure out how to save my game, can someone help me do this?
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Is the virtual memory card for PS1 or did you create a PS2 one? The PS2 memory card wouldn't work. Did you reach a save point in FF7? (that thing in the bottom right) Don't know how old you are. Maybe manual saving is not something you know.
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I read the title and cried a little at the thought of having to complete ffvii without saving the game at all.... as posted above, you need to create a MC and assign it to a slot.