FIFA 07 till FIFA 14 for the PSP system

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The first game I had for the PSP was FIFA07, it was a fun game with simplistic formations, most players had high stats, great mini games like the one where you shoot at the blocks and the juggling. Graphics were okay but its opening menu and introduction video were great. There also was a glitch in manager mode that allowed you to level up players faster.

The other FIFA i later bought would be FIFA09 which didn't have any of the minigames from FIFA07, didn't have a introductory video and the menu was just too bright and almost the opposite of FIFA07. Gameplay had improved as the matches were more fluid and Be A Pro Mode was good to play. The other thing i liked was controlling the keeper.

This year, i managed to get copies from my friends of FIFAs 11, 12, 13 and 14 in order to preview them. First thing i noticed was that there was no infrastructure available for these games. The number of high rated players and teams had gone down past each version, only Barcelona and Manchester United managed to keep high ratings and the menu style of the buttons were the exact same and the backgrounds of FIFA 13 and 14 were almost identical. There were some improvements to the manager mode, the addition of a practice arena, create new players and be a keeper mode. The only game i tried of the four was FIFA 14, the last soccer sim for the PSP and I feel that the gameplay has stagnated from FIFA09 and even had gone down. Most of my shots that would have been goals in FIFA 07 or 09 were always hitting the post or the keeper somehow auto stopped them in the hardest difficulty mode available. But it was the goalpost more than anything that was stopping me from scoring anything at all.

Personally i feel great i guess that i didn,t buy any FIFAs for the PSP after 09 but i did like the menu style FIFA 10 had as well. However EA Sports just gave up on the FIFA series for the PSP after 08 or 09 as they removed the fun mini games, introductory videos and online play in exchange for trivial improvements and stagnated game play. The graphics on FIFA09 and FIFA14 almost look exactly the same and basically every year was the same stuff with different colors and soundtracks.

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FIFA 12 to FIFA 14 is the same on Vita, they haven't even hidden this fact, EA is scamming consumers with roster updates and demanding full price