Error Code: 8071053D

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#1 Posted by GeneralX84 (768 posts) -
why is the PSN not working? anyone has the same problem?
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I did a bit of searching and all of the sites I go to say the same thing for that error code:-

8071053D - Hard boot the PS3, turn off the PS3 to stand-by, flip off the back swtich and remove the power cord. Then shut off your modem/router, for about 5 mintues, then turn the modem back up first and let it sync, then turn the router back on(if using one) and let it sync. Reconnect your power cable and flip the back swtich up again. Then make a new network connnection.

None of the sites say why you need to do this though.  So I suggest giving it a go, if it doesn't help give Sony a call and ask them what you need to do.
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#3 Posted by GeneralX84 (768 posts) -
thanks man, working now
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What do you mean "create a new connection"? I'm having this same problem by the way.
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#5 Posted by ELiiT3_VeNoMZz (25 posts) -
I've been playing MW2 lately, and everytime i try to invite my friends to my game it gives me that code. When my friends try to join my parties it says "Cannot connect to host" if anyone has any suggestions please pm me..
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protip: stop playing MW2 also, I am having the same problem with ps3 error 8071053D. Tried the hard reboot, no avail. wtf do i do?
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Allright, trial 3 was successful. Thanks for the info.
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Yeah i got the same code today, Alls i done was switch plug off at wall, Remove power cord, Put pwer back in, Turn plug on and it worked. Thanks Though:D
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#10 Posted by right4dead (1062 posts) -

i usually just unplug my modem and reboot it and then it works fine, i dont use a router anymore, way too many problems with routers, my LAn is always open now

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Ok so I had the same problem with my ps3....error code 8071053D ....everytime I tried to connect to the internet. Turns out my internet provider will only provide one MAC code unless you pay for I paid...all I had to do is give my internet provider the MAC code of my PS3 and they added it to my internet availability. within 5 minutes I could do everything with my PS3 without any error codes! I suggest that you ring your internet providers and ask them whether your internet package allows you more than one MAC code! Simples! Hope this works for everyone I know how frustrated I got when I couldn't get online!
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Thanks man... it works for me !!!
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that worked. i had to do a system update as soon i turned it back on though. might be why?
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that worked. i had to do a system update as soon i turned it back on though. might be why?imahollabackgrl

What worked? I'm trying to buy the Black Ops first strike and i keep getting this error. Right now my ps3 is unplugged, but since i have a slim, i can't flip the power off of standby by a switch, i have to unplug it all.

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#15 Posted by ayhokkuu (115 posts) -

ya same here. I trying to download the first strike addon, but it keeps coming up for the error everytime i go to pay.

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#16 Posted by ayhokkuu (115 posts) -

nvm i am at the moment downloading it right now. Just got to unplug and restart EVERYTHING and then try again a couple times.

thanks for the help

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#18 Posted by Paddycarew (25 posts) -
ya same here....error 8071053D...wat the hell is goin on i wanna play medal of honor rite now
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#19 Posted by breeeahhh (25 posts) -
I have a slim Ps3 w/o the switch in the back and i am ps3 illiterate so i need some very detailed instructions on how to fix this problem i really wanna play black ops... Ive gotten both codes 8071053D and 8002A203 WHAT DO I DO???
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#20 Posted by XDEVILSMASTERX (25 posts) -
WTF at first i had eror code 8002A203 i restarted my system and thn eror code 8071053D I don't get it somon plz help my :(
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#21 Posted by Tomoto1989 (290 posts) -

I actually had the same issue today/ doing the normal fixes just gives you the message 8002a203. The playstaion network is just down right now. Its happening to alot of people and my self right now.

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#22 Posted by hiryu3 (7311 posts) -

The error is due to PSN being down for service from 8am PSt until 7pm PST

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#23 Posted by darkkillerr (361 posts) -

i got the same problem but my error code is 8002A203

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#24 Posted by Marmotas (2941 posts) -

For those who are getting the 8002A203 error, this happened today to me too, and after searching for a while, its because the PSN network is under maintenance. Still, some people can get online, but not all. You have to wait it up until later.

This maintenance is probably because they are going to release a new firmware update tomorrow.

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#25 Posted by watts_phil (25 posts) -
Got exact same thing. Had same 2 error codes as you. Tried with fifa disc in and disc out. Unplugged router, ps3 blah blah. Still no good. Wonder if the servers are down
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You know, since PSN has all of our email addresses because you have to give one to be a member, wouldn't you think that they would send a blanket email out to all of the members (automated of course) that the system is going to be down due to __________from _______am to _______ pm on _________, 2011. How GD hard is that to have some courtesy for your customers??? I know that I have been a loyal PSN user for over 3 years. I have spent money and bought software on PSN. And this is how they treat me and EVERYONE else that is affected by this service interruption.

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Sep 2007 bumped up by level 1 1 post.. eh wtf..

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This isnt the first topic from a few years ago to be bumped back up

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Sep 2007 bumped up by level 1 1 post.. eh wtf..

I've seen worse. Way worse.
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Sep 2007 bumped up by level 1 1 post.. eh wtf..

I've seen worse. Way worse.

my comment was more geared towards another old thread bumped up.. i think that mic one is still on the first page. which makes like 3 or 4 (old threads) bumped in the past 2 days. kind of ridiculous.
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Tanks, its now working
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Thanks for the help, I thought I had to throw away my PS3 for a second lol.
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Yep same here i have the same error, and i dont know how to fix that.. thats no cool you know. i wanna play black ops :( and i cant why!! why!! help ya please i'll appriciated take care and have a nice day everyone ..

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#34 Posted by AdigosSmD (25 posts) -
i have this Error Code: 8071053D and as i sow ppl saying turn of the router and other things i do what they said and its still at the same problem what should i do please answer me who know the answer :( feel so sad lol am playing Medal Of Honer
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#35 Posted by svdbygrce02 (994 posts) -

PSN probably down because of the hacker group Anon

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Yeah i am getting the samething. I was going to log onto the dragon age servers to get a code to download mass effect 2 for the pc since bioware is given it away for free, but im getting that stupied error message now i cant get the code to download it. I hope it gets fixed soon.