Does GameStop clean games?

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I was wondering if I could take my gta4 disc to gamestop and they would clean it for me. You know in their special disc cleaning machine thing. The disk has a few smudges on it. Could anybody that knows or who works there tell me if they would clean the game for me for free? Thanks in advance
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I didn't know that GameStop did that.....anyways I just use a soft cloth to clean my games and my glasses....
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if it has smudges, its not worth it. If you have big scratches then ok. This machine sands down the whole disc to the level of the scratch. So your disc actually get thinner. So if its minimal stuff, leave it. Your PS3 can read through it.
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When I tried using a clean microfiber cloth the smudges just spread. But gamestop can make any game look new. Is there a special way to wipe the disc or something (not to spread smudges)?
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i dont know about gamestop but i had my old games done here in kuwait for free and and there's nothing free in gamespot.

when i was in usa i whent to the gamestop they had these guides on which i bargained but they said no but when i was on my way out i saw them through those guides in garbage.