Do you think that hdmi 2.0 cable is necessary ?

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Open discussion here, I would like to if is worthy to spend $40-50 for a high quality HDMI cable here, I tried the $2 dollar HDMI 1.3 cable from dollar store and it is broken within 2 weeks so it's definitely a NO for me, I have check several review and I found out that the HDMI 2.0 is the newest version so far, theoretically, it's faster than the old 1.3/1.4 one and you can check the info here:

now my question is, for gaming, do you think that it's necessary to upgrade your hdmi cable to 2.0 version ? Will the sound and visual performance be much more better than the old HDMI cable ?

I found that primecables is the only one who certified for that in canada and the price is not really expensive so if the performance will be much better than I guess it's worth it.

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Well technically it is faster but I doubt you will be able to tell the difference except for reliability and longevity (because anything would be better than an HDMI from the dollar store). I usually spend $30 - $50 on HDMI cable and they hold up just fine I haven't had one break on me yet (Monster, Rocketfish, and Audiquest are all good cables). In terms of sound, unless you have a high end entertainment system with expensive speakers then the HDMI cable doesn't matter. Visually it shouldn't matter either unless your looking for 4k resolution, just make sure the connector is gold plated or silver plated copper.

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TC don't listen to this guy, he knows nothing.

As for your question, don't spend more than $10 on a cable.

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Don't spend more than a few bucks. Even "high speed" hdmi cables can be had for a few bucks online. The ones at stores like best buy are horribly marked up.

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@GTR12: Lol well OP wanted to know why his cheap cables are breaking and thats the answer... cause there cheap. As I mentioned he won't notice a difference in audio or video quality between a -$10 and a $40 however the cheap cables can have defects that you couldn't see unless you stripped the cable. Your basically rolling the dice with cheap cables they could work fine or they could shit out on you after a few months :/

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I would look at the mediabridge line from Amazon.

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NO WAY I would ever spend over $10 for an HDMI cable. Never have, and the ones I've bought (either on amazon or used at bookmans) still work. Those $50 HDMI cables are the biggest ripoff! Bestbuy must make a killing from people that don't know better. TVs/bluray players not coming with HDMI cables is like how Printers don't come with cables to hook up to the computer. Total scam! I'll say it again DO NOT pay $50 for an HDMI cable, it is NOT that much better than the $5 cable on Amazon or Ebay.