Dirty Old Bastards [DOB] Now Recruiting! Multigame clan!

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The Dirty Old Bastards [DOB] are now recruiting for Battlefield 4 players on all platforms! If you are actively seeking a fun-loving, casual group of gamers to squad up with in Battlefield 4, look no further than DOB.

Why do you want to join DOB? How about a private TeamSpeak3 server? How about a truly active multi-platform gaming community full of awesome people that know how to have fun when they play, know how to play as a team and won't browbeat you over your K/D? How about free beer and naked chicks? Well, we don't have the free beer, but if the rest sounds good, point your web browser at


to apply.


• Eighteen or older

• Microphone

About Us:

We’re a casual gaming community supporting PC, PS3/PS4 and Xbox 360/ONE games. We take a strategic and team oriented approach to gaming: while we don’t hold to the belief that statistics mean you’re a good player, we do expect those who join to be able to play with our team and not be the type to ignore the overall strategy and the team. Come check us out and see if you fit in with a bunch of Bastards!

Oh, and as a community of adults we expect our members to exercise common sense: know when to goof off and have fun and when to be serious, not to use racial, gender, or religious epithets. To know what an epithet is or know how to use a dictionary to find out. You know, the usual!

fill out an application at


today... now let's get out there and PTFO