deep down has new trailer

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The game should be coming out per The trailer looks awesome and I hope the game comes to the US. Japan conference will more than likely have a lot of info about the game. I can't remember when the conference starts.

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I am a big fan of Deep Down. I am atleast very pleased with what I have seen so far. where can I see this trailer?

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Where's the trailer post link

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@bezza2011: lazy t o copy and paste

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Deep Down - fair maidens

This game looks pretty awesome! But if it isn't certain if this game will enter the European/American market, why bother with English voice-actors?

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yes it looks good but I'm a bit worried due to it being free to play, I just want to pay good money and have the whole game, i'm not one for alot of the free to play games.

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@bezza2011: me too, infact. Still I wish they would give more information about it... justwaiting for TGS I guess.

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@_Judas_: Yea I know like I was watching a game for Vita Bigfest which looks amazing for a festival builder, I'd love it, but then it turns out it's a free to play and watching the demo on gamespot, it seems like half the stuff the guy was doing cost money and i saw him put a camp down and it cost 1.99 and i was like jesus, I mean how much can i do without have to spend money.

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looks sweet.

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I'm sure we'll be getting it in the US, if not I doubt they would have showed it at the PS4 reveal event last year.

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the second it was announced F2P it became a complete joke.... plus, the game looks awful at this point. convoluted japanese storyline, randomly generated repetitive dungeons....and the graphics have been significantly downgraded since the reveal...

game is the very definition of MEH at this point

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@cyloninside: yeah I hate this free to play just Luke too many indie games. I am still interested in t he game but I want one time price for the game. Most games with dlc packs I don't buy either because the cost $20 to $30 for the pack. I just play what they give me and that is it. The game has to be a keeper for a long time before buying a dlc bundle.

I don't know much about the story but still interested in the game because it's different. But I haven't seen a difference in graphics downgraded. The worse scenario for me is thev more I Learn I realize the game isn't worth paying attention to.