Day one patch for PS4

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It will not have the pause and resume feature. But will have it not far after launch.

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No surprise here and not a biggie. The 300 MB download shouldn't take long.

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This is no surprise, they needed to start manufacturing the consoles has soon has possible so I'm guessing they started production with the very basic Firmware, thus leaving everything that was't 100% for a launch patch, its a common practice in the gaming industry also, allot of games do the same, there's allot of day 1 patches for games, date lines are very complicated so they need to cram has much has possible until the production starts and then if needed finish until launch.

Personally this doesn't bother me, but I see this being an issue for a minority with problematic internet.

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@lyndonAPI said:

No surprise here and not a biggie. The 300 MB download shouldn't take long.

yeah, not a biggie, those who are complaining about this should take a look at Xbox One. It's the same deal, same with Wii U. X1 also needs it for even to function

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@404FredNotFound: Yeah that's exactly what I was thinking. Get it working well with minimal features to let the more complex features bake for a while longer.

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It will be fine if it works... (Wii U)

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I don't really have any problem with this to be honest

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Yeah, ita business as usual.

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I think every console most consoles needed day1 patch since the 360 release.

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at least it will work.

hasn't the Xbox One need the patch for anything to work because it's still on DRM settings