Coloured DualShock 4

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#1 Posted by vpacalypse (576 posts) -

A few questions about both the red & blue variants of the dualshock 4.

At present, the 'first' controllers light bar will emit blue light whilst the second players controller will emit red light.

My question is: what are the chances sony will introduce an option to switch these colours around (for example if you have two red controllers).

Personally, I am fond of the red controller & therefore wish I had the option to have a red light being emitted whilst I am the only player playing.

Also, are these controllers limited edition or something? There doesn't seem to be too many of them around.

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#2 Posted by blooiskewl (25 posts) -

@vpacalypse: I love the blue variant! I hope we also have the choice to disable the light.

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#3 Posted by The_Rick_14 (9945 posts) -

The light color is determined by the game developer while in game so I don't think Sony has control over the light outside of when you're navigating the home screen.

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Sure I can understand that much @The_Rick_14

I was sort of hoping for something whilst you would be on home screen though.

I hope they implement this into a future update or something, along with a larger variety of more coloured controllers available for purchase (black is bland to me).

I'm sure people would love being able to choose a custom colour for their light bar if they were presented with the opportunity.

Just how many colours can the light bar emit now? All I know is yellow, red, blue & green.