Can anyone help me, want to buy a ps4

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I am brazillian, and I have some relatives who are in new york. I asked them to bring me a ps4(you should know that the price in brazil is absurd). The problem is, they can't find where to buy it. They've gone to a best buy and some gamestops and not a sign of the ps4. Can anyone tell me places they could find the ps4 available to buy? I just know gamestop around US, so if you guys could say the name of other game stores in the country or other places that could have the console abailable in new york that would be very nice. And if anyone is from new york and bought a ps4 that could help me even more. Thanks!

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A few other places they can check is Wal-Mart, Target and Toys R Us. No guarantee they will have any in stock at the time either as it has been selling out as fast as they come in.

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The stores listed above. At this point its a hit and miss. Stores are only getting a few consoles once and a while and those sell out fast. You got to be one step above everybody else.

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Let me ask you this, are you okay with not being able to get it fix by Sony if it breaks? If you are unable to find a way to get it in your country, but find a way to get one outside your country, just know you will never be able to get it fixed by official means; because the warranty is only good for the region in which the console is meant for.

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/\ Yeah, I know that there is that risk. Thanks for everyone that helped, I'll tell them where they could try.

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I wonder if you can contact Sony brazil, maybe they have a list of shops there, or you can buy it directly from Sony