Build Your PS4 Friendlist- Post Your PSN names

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Please note that there is already an organize list stickied to the top of the PlayStation forum for members to contribute to. Please add your information to this forum thread here [CLICK].

If you'll be gaming on the PS4 this weekend, go ahead and list your PSN name and what games you have. I'm not sure how many of my current friend's list is upgrading at launch and I want to make sure I have people to enjoy it with!

PSN- HazeBlaze

Games already purchased:

Killzone: Shadow Fall

Assassin's Creed 4

NBA 2K14

Knack (yes, I know...)

Games purchasing tomorrow:


Need For Speed Rivals

...and possibly Battlefield 4

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Battlefield 4



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I usually don't get into adding random folks on PSN, but it would be cool if we could gather a community of GS folks on PSN.

PSN ID: RewVitalize

Games I Expect to Have Tomorrow night:

Knack, Killzone SF, Contrast, Resogun, maybe Warframe.

(I'm including offline games incase people are interested in checking out share vids)

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Currently have:

Fifa 14


Battlefield 4

AC Black flag

Getting Need for Speed Rivals in the not too distance future.

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Games I'm getting will be:

Cod ghosts

AC Pirate Mode

Killzawesome sauce

psn id: evilrule2013

Add me up buds :)

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Won't be getting a PS4 until the UK launch on the 29th, my PSN ID is mona08han and the games I'll be getting:

Assassins Creed IV

Battlefield 4

Call of Duty Ghost

Killzone Shadow Fall


PS Plus+:



All F2P games

All 4 PSN/Vita cross gen ports (Flower, Flow, Escape Plan and Sound Shapes)

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From the UK but love playing BF and other shooters with Yanks :)

PSN: Glopie

Will be played: BF4, ACBF4, FIFA14

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PSN: EStang93

NBA 2k14



and probably Battlefield 4 too

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PSN: ProfessorRance

Games purchased today are Killzone and Battlefield 4. Going to pick up Need For Speed Rivals, Assassins Creed Black Flag, NBA 2k14 and Fifa in the near future.

Feel free to shoot me an add. Like other posters have said, it would be great to get a Gamespot group going especially in games like Killzone and Battlefield.

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Battlefield 4

Maybe killzone shadow fall

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Psn- Deadapebladder

Battlefield 4


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darkghost 75 is my psn name

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Games owned:NBA 2k14, Killzone SF, COD Ghosts, resogun

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Playing :

Killzone Shadow Fall


Assassins Creed 4

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From Australia, so don't have my PS4 yet, but I will be transferring my PS3 account over to the PS4 so add me anyway you munchkins!


Happy gaming, and I look forward to playing with all of you in the future. I will be getting the Killzone bundle, so I'll see you all on the battlefield when I do.

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Madden 25

KZ: Shadowfall

War Frame

Black Light Retribution

DC Universe Online

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PSN: Skizzle420

kill zone shadow fall

Assassin creed black flag

Cod ghost

battlefield 4 (picking up today or tomorrow)

All plus games and free 2 play obviously too

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It'd be awesome to add you guys. I currently have:


-Battlefield 4

-CoD Ghosts

-Lego Marvel

-Need for Speed Rivals



-NBA 2K14

-Injustice Ultimate Edition

-All downloadable and + games

My PSN ID is gracideadude013, so please go ahead and add me!=)

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My PSN is good_sk8er

I have:

Killzone: Shadow Fall

Battlefield 4

Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag

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PSN- Juke_V24


Battlefield 4

NBA 2k14

Need For Speed Rivals

Call of Duty Ghosts

Add me!

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I have Killzone Shadow Fall and COD Ghosts.


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Would like to increase my friends list.

PSN: MShirley

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Looking to add PSN friends as well.

PSN ID - RampagingBobcat

Have bought AC4, Battlefield,, Knack, Killzone, NBA 2k14. Will be picking up NFS Rivals In a week or so in addition to PS plus games. Also still will be gaming on PS3.

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Add me, Kahuna2793


NBA 2k14

Call of duty ghosts

Need for speed

And all the free games

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feel free to add me

46 in tennessee

psn; half__breed

games; kz, c.o.d. ghost, knack; n.f.s.rivals; bf4, a.c.4,

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#26 Posted by zxPYROxz (25 posts) -

PSN ID: ischitzengiggles

Im currently playing Killzone, BF4, and more to come

add me

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#27 Posted by 80sSlasher (25 posts) -


Killzone and Call of Duty

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#28 Posted by Flubbbs (4616 posts) -

PSN: swaffles23

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#29 Posted by danlevm (289 posts) -


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For the scores of new PS4 owners out there... let's keep adding to the list & building this community.

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@haze_blaze said:

For the scores of new PS4 owners out there... let's keep adding to the list & building this community.

There's one at the top of the forum that's actually good unlike this one

Let's concentrate on that one and not bring other threads back ok?

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#32 Posted by soapman72 (2714 posts) -

PSN: Gotsupermilk





NBA 2k14


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PSN: zjpjack



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PSN - ncsutton



COD: Ghost


Assassins Creed

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#35 Posted by insloanwetrust (25 posts) -

PSN - insloanwetrust_

Basically all the PS4 games. I also chat online if you need me to.

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Username = syncotics

only add me if you have a spare kidney/liver for sale, all this alcohol is sure going to kill me come 2014

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xYourSweet666x, add me. BF4, KZ:SF and Warframe

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PSN name: topher78714

Games owned:

NBA 2K14

Killzone Shadow Fall

Battlefield 4


Lego Marvel

Need for Speed Rivals


I would LOVE to get a solid squad together for Battlefield who would actually work together as a group as opposed to a million people running in any direction. Also I'm 26 years old and not some crazy immature 12 year old...not sure if that sways anybody to add me to their list or not.

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Topher I added you the other day. I'm definitely down for some BF4 or COD.

PSN ID: Flukbuk

Anyone else who wants to add me just put gamespot in the message.

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#40 Posted by topher78714 (672 posts) -

awesome Tubatica. If you ever see me online just shoot me a game invite and I'll join up with you. Sadly I don't have COD for the PS4 or else I'd do that too.

What class do you typically play as for BF4.

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Name is Gladestone062


madden 25

battlefield 4


need for seed

thinking of buying assasins creed 4 an knack when ive got the cash to do so..

Destiny, drive club, order 1886, dragon age 3, all games im looking forward to..List will be added after e3 im quit sure )..

Im also gladestone on steam..If any of you use steam on the pc..

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#43 Posted by andyrulesliver (437 posts) -


FIFA 14 and AC: IV

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Add me as well. SadExchange is my ps4 name and I have


Assassins Creed 4

Lego marvels