Battlefield 3 update 1.08 issue. HELP!

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I haven't been playing my PS3 for a while (hence, no Battlefield 3 for a while either), especially since I got Halo 4. Anyway, I suddenly got the urge to come back to it and as I figured would be the case, I had to download the latest update - 1.08. However, whenever I attempt to download it, an estimated time is not given. I didn't think that would be a problem until I realised it wasn't downloading. Well, it was, but at an incredibly slow rate. It reached 1% after maybe half an hour. After some internet research I found that patch 1.08 is only supposed to be 11MB, yet my PS3 is telling me that this update is a massive 2GB. So there's two issues here - why is my PS3 telling me that I'm accepting data nearly 200% the size it's supposed to, and why is it downloading so slowly? My internet connection speeds are usually top notch - I installed Rage in about an hour or two, and that was 8GB - so there's no real reason why this 2GB download should move as slowly as it is. Has anyone else had this problem and/or willing to offer suggestions as to how to fix it? As well as at least speculate as to why I might be having these issues. Thanks in advance!
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Bump - I'd love to play, or at least know why I can't, as soon as I can...
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you said you havent played bf3 for a while, so maybe the 2gb includes the 1.07 AND 1.08 patch.
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O man. A 2gb update may take you at least 5 hours if you are wireless. Still a long time if you are wired too.

Either way, its going to be a long while.