Assassins Creed vs Prince of Persia

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which game do you prefer?

Assassins for me. People complained about ACs lack of variety and repetion, well PoP is even worse imo. I also prefer ACs story, setting and art style.

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Essentially the same games now

In AC you go from city to city and assassinate various targets.

In PoP you go from area to area restoring it.

Both have parkour and meh combat.
Same game, different name.

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Dude its POP and I dont know about the new Assassins Creed.

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prince of persia was a terrible game, assassins creed was okay..

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I found them very different games, in prince of persia i found myself being drawn in by the art direction but also how flowing the game was. Assassins Creed i found myself hardly going after the story goals and instead terrorizing as i please, very similar to GTA in my opinion !
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This is like asking me to pick between two types of cancer... Both of them were truly awful experiences in my opinion, but at least PoP had one redeeming quality, the beautiful art style.
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they both have great graphics...but gameplay is terrible in both as well

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Assassins Creed. I actually kinda enjoy playing it unlike prince of persia

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assassins creed , is okay... im still thinks of buying again, but pop was sooooooo bad (rented)

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Prince of Persia is faster, graphically better, and i like all the platforming in that game

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Both were disappointments. Such beautiful games... but so boring.
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Prince of Persia. I enjoyed the art style, Elika, the fights, and the platforming. The only problem I had with it was it was too easy and hardly any replayability. So I guess its pretty similar to Mirror's Edge for me.

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which game do you prefer?

Assassins for me. People complained about ACs lack of variety and repetion, well PoP is even worse imo. I also prefer ACs story, setting and art style.


You need to clarify your Princes. The one from the Trilogy for the one from the lamesauce, sorry excuse for a video game, new gen one? The Prince of Persia Trilogy on the PS2 was one of the best games around, Assassins Creed was boring after a while but can redeem itself with the 2nd Installment and it really has a good foundation to make a fantastic story with Desmond.

Ubisoft you destroyed POP please don't milk Assassins Creed.

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Older Prince of Persias > Assassin's Creed > New Prince of Persia

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POP was like playing a boring, easy QTE from start to finish and the inane banter between the Prince and Elika was cringe inducing. POP was like a big FU to all the fans of the Sands of Time trilology. The developers took something that was great and turned it into something mediocre.

In contrast, AC was a game with interesting ideas that just weren't implemented as well as they could have been. Yes combat and mission structure could have been better, but there was still fun to be had. And even though the storyline got really wonky at the end, it was still intriguing.

I'm looking forward to playing AC2 because I believe that AC showed the potential for greatness and that AC2 has the possibility of fulfilling that potential. To make POP back into a great game, they will have to throw away everything they did in POP.

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I'd personally take prince of persia any day over Assassin's Creed.
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Although i haven't played Assassins Creed, both look the same. The new Prince of persia game was fun, and i enjoyed the graphic style. So i'd have to say its a tie.
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lol I bet all the people in here saying how bad the gameplay was these games, have spent a ton of hours stepping on invisible spawn lines in COD and playing with Killzone 2's broken controls. They are both great games and the only thing they have in common to compare them is that they are from Ubisoft, there's not much to compare between the two.
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Tie. Because both games were truly horrible in all kinds of ways.

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Haven't gotten around to AC yet, but I enjoyed PoP despite some of the issues.

Good: Beautiful scenery, interesting story, creative combat style (at least different then what I'm used to).
Bad: Repetive, button mashing works, minimal violence.

It was great at the beginning, learning how to use the controls to run along walls and on the ceiling. Of course, once I got closer to the end, I just started seeing how fast I could clear an area. True most games have some sort of repettive-ness to them, but this one was painfully obvious. Even the travel became combinations of X O X T that just became longer as the game went on. Lastly, during the beginning fights, I ended up hitting random buttons and winning. After learn combinations, I pretty much just used one combo the whole game. I'd rather prefer they be a bit more complex then that.

I'm certainly curious to see how similar these two are for myself though, been a while since I used my PS3 for more the movies.

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If you are talking about last generation's Prince of Persia trilogy (Sands of Time), then I would say Prince of Persia. ESPECIALLY the first Prince of Persia - Sands of Time, reminagined from the classic Prince of Persia franchise. It is a masterpiece of a game, both in gameplay, in story, in music, and its execution is near flawless. Prince of Persia 2008 was a re-imagining once again, and though it is a decent game, it is a terrible one compared to the Sands of Time trilogy.