Around what time do Playstation Plus games update?

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There's a game I'd like to play coming about today some time and I don't know at what point it actually updates. Just wanted to know if there's some idea as to when. I am CST (-6:00) if that helps.

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For the vita its always like 5pm on the day in PAL region. Should be midnight would be awesome.

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I got home and I see PS+ August free games are up right now for you to Download.

Get to Downloading fellow gamer; There is a lot to DL if you have all three PS systems.


VITA (4 Games)

  1. Metrico (Brand new game by Sony)
  2. FEZ (91/100)
  3. Proteus (80/10)
  4. Dragon's Crown (82/100)
  5. (LEGO Harry Potter Years 5-7 instead of DC for Europe)

PS3 (4 Games)

  1. FEZ (91/100)
  2. Crysis 3 (77/100)
  3. Dragon's Crown (82/100)
  4. Proteus (80/10)

PS4 (2 Games)

  1. Road Not Taken (Brand new game by Spry Fox)
  2. FEZ (91/100)