Any ps3 owners going to buy wii u?

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#51 Posted by CWEBB04z (4644 posts) -
Nope. I have a PS3 thats all I need.
#52 Posted by Oldgun (163 posts) -

A WiiU with same old IPs (Mario, Zelda, Pokemon, Metroids) coated with extra bucket of paint that runs on a hardware that would soon be lagging with release of next gen PS4 and Xbox....Not in my shopping list. I'm happy and satisfied with my 40+ collection of games on 750GB PS3 slim.

#53 Posted by illmatic8582 (674 posts) -

[QUOTE="illmatic8582"][QUOTE="WhiteStormy"]That's NOT what he said, and if that were true, that would mean his son is 20 and was born when he was only 10. LOL

As for the actual comment, I hope it was only a joke. PS3 meant for kids, while the Wii is for adults? WTF! And 75+ Wii games?! How many different ways are there to flail your arms about playing mindless party games?


Your right sorry for calling you names. U do suck as a parent original poster lol. Sorry I'm hi

Lol don't care Apology not accepted for calling me a dummy when you thought a 10 year old had a baby. And then trying to blame it on drugs. For shame.

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