Amazon pre-ordered PS4s

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#1 Posted by jukev2424 (269 posts) -

What time do you think amazon will have your PS4 at your door? I just hope by the time the workday is over.

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UPS generally drops things off at my apartment around 3 or 4. I am still taking the day off, though. Going to be pretty epic.

And if it doesn't come by the time you are home, all the better. If you are home at the time, the odds of something bad happening with the shipment go way down.

#3 Posted by nyc05 (10184 posts) -

My Amazon shipments usually come by way of UPS and they rarely ever show before 5pm. As we get into Nov/Dec, that 5pm time turns into as late as 9pm.

Screw that.

That's one of the main reasons why I pre-ordered my PS4 from GameStop; I'm too impatient to wait all day long. Come 5pm it's no longer "launch day" to me; the excitement of launch has long since been killed by the waiting and uncertainty of arrival time.

Hope all of you get your PS4s delivered at good times.

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I will not be able to play until 4 or 5 anyway. I would have rather pre ordered elsewhere but sold out fast

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Sometime in the afternoon.