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I no it says 2013 holidays for the release date for the PS4 but which 2013 holiday is it. Is it the summer 2013 holidays or Christmas or other?. (UK). Depends on price i think i will get this at launch as ive never had a console from launch be for i have always waited a year but think will start this Gen on the day of release this time.

#2 Posted by sukraj (24229 posts) -

I think it'll be towards the end of this year.

#3 Posted by CTR360 (7401 posts) -
november-december probably
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How can any one put a deposit down in the UK when they dont no how much its going to be?. I just looked at game website and you can put down a £20 deposit but yet you dont no what modals there are going to be or how much its going to be and if you find its going to be too much you just lost £20.

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Probably close to Christmas holiday, it would make a fantastic gift wouldn't it? :)

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"Summer" is not a holiday, it's a season.
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I would imagine it will be released around November time.

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Holiday is the PC term for Christmas.  But they mean they'll release it a month before because they want to give people ample time to buy it by the time Christmas actually arrives.

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Fore sure a month before christmas.

They will make the most money from the get go this way.

Can't wait for ho ho ho season.