worth a psp for slim??

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is it worth it trading in my psp for a psp slim. i dont no if it is becuase it looks good but is it worth trading in a psp for a slim???

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I don't know honestly. the TV out option is a nice benefit. But if I recall the slim has shorter battery life. how MUCH shorter I don't know
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im pretty sure the slim is stated to have the same amount of battery life as the fat psp, you can extend it though, using a psp battery.

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so should i trade in my fat psp for the slim one??
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so should i trade in my fat psp for the slim one??Wildedge93

if it were me i would not trade it in. You got a perfectly fine psp, the slim one does look sleek, may load games a little faster, but overall its the same thing. Plus your going to get ripped off selling your fat psp now.

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see i dont think the psp loading times are that bad but i plan on trying to get one of those final fantasy 7 psp combo pack that is if i get my money before there all sold out lol