Wired connection for PS Vita

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Can a Vita access the Internet through a wired connection? I know it does not have an ethernet jack, but can I sign in on the PS Vita if I have a usb cable connecting to a PS3 or PS4? I apologize in advance for the stupid question

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No. Is your internet completely wired with no way of being able to use a router or something?

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@SoNin360: Yes that is correct.

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If you had a computer available with a wireless receiver and it was wired in, you should be able to connect the Vita to the wireless connection on the computer and use the computer to connect it to the internet.

Here's a quick tutorial I found. http://tnerd.com/2007/07/25/how-to-convert-laptop-wireless-wifi-hotspot/

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What @guynamedbilly said should work. But imo, it's time to get a new router. Having WiFi at home will open a lot of new possibilities to you.