Will you be getting a PlayStation 4?

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Posted by GH05T-666 (298 posts) 1 year, 2 months ago

Poll: Will you be getting a PlayStation 4? (32 votes)

Yes 75%
No 6%
Maybe next year 19%
#1 Posted by GH05T-666 (298 posts) -

I cant wait to get one!

#2 Posted by Ardazu (485 posts) -

I can wait to get one :).

#3 Edited by CTR360 (7161 posts) -

next year not enough money buy ps4 this year

#4 Posted by GH05T-666 (298 posts) -

yeah, I'll be getting both as well.

#5 Posted by MarcRecon (5993 posts) -


#6 Edited by RiKanKiDD (1058 posts) -

2 more days for me :)

#7 Edited by svandex (8 posts) -

I have to save money and buy it in half year or later.

#8 Edited by bezza2011 (2656 posts) -

I'm in the UK and i cannot wait for it, so jealous of the US wish i lived there sometimes but anyway i'll have it just before christmas so it's all good and now with the twitch thing i need the camera

#9 Edited by gameofthering (10365 posts) -

I've got it pre-ordered, just need to wait for Amazon(UK) to give me a date.

I'm not really too bothered/hyped about it though.

#10 Edited by clr84651 (5515 posts) -

Yes, 2 PS4s on friday.

#11 Edited by Boddicker (2880 posts) -

Sometime in mid to late 2014.

It's just bad timing for me right now with finally graduating college.

#12 Edited by shellcase86 (1934 posts) -

Yes. Sometime between Friday and 2014. Whenever I can find them readily on shelves.

#13 Edited by GH05T-666 (298 posts) -

Yeah I have mine pre-ordered and cant wait until it comes out but there really isn't many games out for launch most are coming in 2014

#14 Posted by Trail_Mix (2021 posts) -

Yep, but not anytime soon.

#15 Edited by haze_blaze (3907 posts) -

@GH05T-666: I'm picking mine up on Thursday night!!!

#16 Posted by CommanderShiro (21746 posts) -

Probably sometime next year or so. Need to tackle my backlog first.

#17 Edited by The_Last_Ride (72953 posts) -

Day one baby!