will they make a harvest moon for ps3?

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I know its a dumb question? I'm just curious.
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I saw a trailer for a game that seemed Harvest Moon-esque. It had to do with a boy on summer holiday in the country. Graphically it was really cool and seemed to have similar gameplay to the Harvest Moon titles.
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For sure there is one on the way for wii at the moment.
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I've noticed this thread was left in '08, but is the still no harvest moon for ps3. and whats the name of that Harvest Moon-esque game??
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oh man, you wouldn't believe how many hours i've clocked into Harvest Moon.... i'd like to see one on the PS3 tho.
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WHY ISN'T THERE A HARVEST MOON FOR Playstation 3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

^^ Yeah ^^ That's exactly what I've been thinking all this time! xxxx U Natsume! :(
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I don't think if there will be a Harvest Moon game for the PS3 soon because their loyal to the system that gave them a chance which was Nintendo so they keep most of their games for Nintendo products. The only other games they made were for the PS2 and it took them awhile to get them to make the games. They were ok games but not that many people cared if they were on the PS2.