Will Ps4 get the Ps3 library ?

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With the ps4 coming out and not many games coming out at launch with it i got a few questions which i havent found any answer just yet...One of the many things that made ps3 really good was its library of games...Many awesome exclusives that impact the world of gaming...so i know this might be a stupid question but i gotta ask anyway,has sony announced any ps3 exclusives to come out on ps4 ?? I personally refer to Uncharted,Last of us,Beyond:two souls and a couple more..These are games that should't be missed so im wondering if we will get the chance to play them at Ps4

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Hmm, the library won't carry over. This means that games you've downloaded for the PS3 will not show up in your PS4-library. However things are in motion, and Sony has announced "Playstation Now" which is a cloud-based streaming-service that will provide your PS4 with the greatest moments from the PS3. Using "Playstation Now", PS4-users will be able to stream games from a cloud server, games such as "The Last of Us" , "Gta 5" , and "Beyond: Two Souls" (I think these games are confirmed). This service ("Playstation Now") is not yet available, but will be for the US market in late 2014 I believe. You can read more about the Playstation Now-feature on Gamespot.

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Nope PS3 games won't be coming to PS4, but will be available through Playstation Now like mentioned above.

The other thing to state is these studio's are working on new stuff so rest assured we may not see all the great games from PS3 but we will see new games for the PS4 which are just as great.

"New Uncharted has been announced"

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Aside from PS Now, like others have already said, it is possible that some PS3 games will get ported over at some point. But I wouldn't count on any in particular. It could happen. Or not.

If you are keen to play those games, save up some money over time, and pick up a PS3 on the cheap when you can.

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yeah in about seven to eight years... :)

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@MondasM said:

yeah in about seven to eight years... :)


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Just keep your PS3....end of story!

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PS Now comes this summer. It's a subscription service that allows streaming of PS3 games onto the PS4. That's when you'll be able to play PS3 games on the pS4.

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PlayStation now is a nice substitute for Backwards Compatibility but, it's not a replacement for having a PS3. Like MarcRecon said, if you have a PS3 library (or are looking to build one), the only sure-fire way to enjoy it is to have a PS3.

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It's not really that big a deal, PS4 will be busy in march, if not February too...so you'll get to play new games soon. Uncharted 4 is coming for the PS4 by next year and so will PS now.

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@grindheadjim: The subscription is optional. You'll be able to stream titles on an individual basis too.

From the announcement:

"PS Now will offer choice to gamers with how they want to access content. Gamers can rent by title for specific games they are interested in, or they can choose a subscription that delivers additional value with the ability to explore and play many games available across a wide variety of genres. In addition, the service will support many popular PSNfeatures such as online multi-player, Trophies, and messages."


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Just keep your PS3....end of story!

same here

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PlayStation now is a nice substitute for Backwards Compatibility but, it's not a replacement for having a PS3. Like MarcRecon said, if you have a PS3 library (or are looking to build one), the only sure-fire way to enjoy it is to have a PS3.

Yeah, it's not like the PS3 is going to take up a lot of space! I'm not knocking the people who want the service because I think it is a great option for people who don't already own a PS3.

Besides I think the PS3's additional multimedia functions(which the PS4 lacks)makes it worth owing by itself!!

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@MarcRecon said:

Just keep your PS3....end of story!

Yup. The difference in the architecture between PS3 & 4 is so big that backwards compatibility will not be an option this time. And there will most likely still be a few great games released exclusively for ps3 (like Xillia 2, Kingdom Hearts 2.5 HD Remix, Persona 5 and other Japanese games)

Besides I can't imagine selling my PS3 and getting rid of games like MGS HD collection and MGS4..

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If you are asking if the PS3 library will carry over to PS4 by way of backwards compatibility, then no. Some games will be available through PlayStation Now. If you are asking if PS4 will eventually have a library like PS3, then yes, All 12 studios that Sony owns are working on PS4 games. Quantic Dream is working on a new title. I can only imagine that Sly and Ratchet will come to PS4 due to the new movies being made. Most third parties are making games on PS4. Launch windows always lack games. Infamous and Driveclub should be coming out soon. Games like Octodad,Killzone, Resogun, and Tomb Raider are on PS4 as well.