Will Insomniac bring R&C to the PS4 with a new trilogy

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I finished and platinumed R&C: into the nexus a month ago and it was a great game and it most fun I had from an insomniac game since a crack in time and resistance 3. I'm still wondering if insomniac will choose to bring back R&C to the PS4 as they are making some crappy exclusive game for the xbone.

I'm thinking they might as they have the movie coming out in 2015 and people have been requesting on the PS blog that they want to see the series on PS4.

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Pretty sure Nexus was a set up for the next trilogy. Acting as a epilogue for the Future series and Prologue for what I think will be about Ratchet finding his people.

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I hope so! Gotta a soft spot for R&C.