Why does full format take so long?

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#1 Posted by teh_cell (304 posts) -
How come a full format takes so long on the Ps3? it's only a 40GB HDD and would be done in a few minutes on a PC, even with a full format.
#2 Posted by joker_is_now (127 posts) -
maybe because umm,......... umm,........ um?
#3 Posted by xoxINSOMNIACxox (647 posts) -
I guess they clean everything out on Full Format. I have 250gb and the full format took 15 hours & 15 min.
#4 Posted by JoKeR_421 (8920 posts) -
the bigger ur hard drive the longer it takes on the ps3, i have the 60GB and took 3hrs and a half, my uncles ps3 has 160GB and took him almost 10hrs!
#5 Posted by hiryu3 (7305 posts) -
I also have a 160gig and I started it last night and it said complete time is 9.5 hours. It must be completely zeroing out every sector of the drive multiple times or something to take that long.
#6 Posted by johanlee (305 posts) -
i guess that's why they call it FULL format :D
#7 Posted by Amster_G (4290 posts) -

But how exactly is it doing that? I mean, the disk within spins, it's being cleaned up, erased, reset to factory settings etc but why can't that take 5 to 10 minutes?

#8 Posted by _AsasN_ (3646 posts) -

On a PC it doesn't take as long when doing a quick format mainly because it's not scanning for bad sectors. I imagine it's the same for the PS3.

#9 Posted by l0verboy10 (1 posts) -
I am formatting my 40GB PlayStation3, it wizzed through it up to 99%. It has been on 99 for about 3 hours lol. Is this normal
#10 Posted by Ulukinatme2 (1 posts) -
Sorry for the necro, this was the first thread that came up on a Google search. Don't try upgrading your PS3 to a 500 Gb hard drive. It'll take it, but if you ever decide to do a full format, expect a long wait: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v489/Ulukinatme/500GbFormat.jpg