Why all of the hate towards Silent Hill Downpour?

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Aside from some technical issues and repetitive enemy encounters, i thought it was the best attempt since Team Silent left.... So underrated and underappreciated.

It felt great to actually roam the town as well as the side missions were a nice touch... Atmosphere was also very well done. The town felt eerie, yet mysterious.

I thought the locales were fresh compared to Origins, Homecoming, and Shattered Memories.

The music was surprisingly also well done as well since Akira was replaced.

Story was fresh, since it focused from a Silent Hill 2 perspective to make Silent Hill a psychological hell instead of a generic cult...

Why all the hate?!

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Too many technical problems. It really started to get in the way. Trust me, Im a silent hill guy, but Downpour just didn't get there. I loved how they tried to incorporate side quests, but the save-system didn't play well with the open world structure. I thought Homecoming was great. Both games, however, did a bad job with the multiple endings.

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It had too many bugs and felt rushed out. I liked it but the controls felt like they were taking a page from Team Silent and the monsters were pretty lame. I liked the side quest which were pretty good.

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@pillarrocks: exactly this. Side quests were awesome, especially the gramophone one, only one that made me jump.

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actually liked this game, it was one of the better Silent Hill sequels imo, i especially loved the fact you had the option to kill the pig at the end, now if only there had been an entire sandbox to explore as that big hammer wielding monster..