who will not buy second son without multiplayer

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Poll: who will not buy second son without multiplayer (23 votes)

yes 35%
no 65%

Maybe depends on the extras based on the news today that some other game options for single player.

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infamous multiplayer? that sounds as awesome as batman multiplayer.

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I'm getting it for free from Sony...so technically I won't be buying it lol.

But yeah, infamous is a single player game from the start.

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I don't see why anyone would not get this just because it lacks multiplayer... inFamous has been a single player experience from the start, I see no reason to tack on multiplayer at this point.

#4 Posted by danjin44 (280 posts) -

I bought Bioshock Infinite which it had Zero MP and this game would be no different. With these MP only games like Destiny and Tom Clancy's The Division, I'm so glad we finally getiing SP focus game.

#5 Posted by Glitter (353 posts) -

It does not make sense to me for a video game like Infamous: Second Son to include any form of multi-player.

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inFAMOUS has always been single player focused. Multiplayer doesn't work out with a series like this and it will most likely ruin it as the dev has to work on two things.

Look at what happened to the god of war series with gow ascension when they added multiplayer when it was completely unnecessary and the quality of the single player dropped significantly.

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:S why do we live in an age it seems that every game needs an online section :S it's baffling i've been on 5 gaming news sites this morning and all have articles about infamous not having multiplayer, like it's a huge let down, i'm sorry but there are people out there (like me) who rarely have time or can be bothered with multiplayer, i mean i get an hour or half an hour here and there to play, i have no time for all this online stuff except the odd games of fifa, because i'm waiting for this game.

#8 Posted by dalger21 (1169 posts) -

Pro tip: Every game doesn't need a multiplayer included.

#9 Posted by ewalthour (763 posts) -

I never played infamoyse except a demo. I agree that all games doesnt need multiplayer but omit you can make a game t hat does both at a high level (single and multiplayer) then by all means do it. Sometimes games like uncharted with the last game was more successful as a multiplayer than thr single player. I hope uncharted 4 will return to a great single player.

I too agree with comment of not having time for games with multiplayer.

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Since when was there multiplayer in Infamous anyway other than user generated levels? Infamous offers enough replay value through its story. You do not need multiplayer.

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Infamous with multiplayer would be really strange.

#12 Posted by pearlboy601 (195 posts) -

People are buying Infamous to play multiplayer? .........

#13 Posted by ankor77 (990 posts) -

In march I will be playing 2 games. 1 will have no single player at all - Titanfall. The other will have no Multiplayer - Infamous.

I don't care. I buy these games for the experience, not because they check the box of having both gametypes. I never play cod or BF single player. I also never touch Uncharted or TLOU multiplayer.

#14 Posted by Bigboi500 (30106 posts) -

I'm glad it doesn't have multiplayer.

#15 Posted by shellcase86 (1934 posts) -

Getting it. no interest in MP.

#16 Posted by SolidTy (43866 posts) -

The poll question is set up horrible. Will Not and then Without?

"who will not buy second son without multiplayer (8 votes)"

I'm not voting with that terrible wording/double negative. Yes or No? Poor sentence construction means poor poll results. It should say Who WILL buy second son without multiplayer?

Also, the reason I'm buying Second Son is because I have no interest in MP for that game series. I want to play the amazing SP that has been crafted.

#17 Posted by Terrencec06 (3552 posts) -

No one wants inFamous MP..... Bring me a crisp campaign and I'll be a happy man.

#18 Posted by MarcRecon (5864 posts) -

I think the MP would be a nice extra, but for someone to NOT buy it because it doesn't have it is just plane foolish! Infamous is a proven franchise that delivers a great SP experience.

I hope developers this-gen do a better job of balancing development between SP and MP games.

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actually i wasn't even considering this game till i heard it was NOT going to shoehorn in an online mode, now it'll be a day 1 purchase for me, unless they go back on their word and shovel in online mp anyway..

bottom line is theirs way too much obsession over multiplayer these days, a gaming trend which i absolutely despise.. seems its a staple nowadays to force online mp into each and every game created, regardless if it needs the mode or not and imo thats not fair to those of us who couldn't care less about a stupid online mode, contrary to what some people might think not everyone is into online play, some of us just want to sit the fvk down "OFFLINE" and play a video game without everybody an they mama feeling they just HAVE to join the fun.. in almost every case i've seen with a game getting an unnecessary online mp mode forced in, the story mode ALWAYS suffers in some way because of it and its only natural that it does, you have to understand that online mp takes data to place on disk just like anything else, data which could easily be used to make the actual story mode itself better, but instead the main game "as well as those of us who bought the game specifically for that" must now suffer so the online crazed COD groupies can have their beloved online mp.. that is selfish, fvked up, and above all UNFAIR.

#20 Posted by H_M_1 (1150 posts) -

@SolidTy: exactly lol. Poorly worded question. I crave for a game which lacks multiplayer and infamous is one of them lol. Definitely on my radar but not an instant pick up as I will probably be busy on watchdogs and hopefully diablo 3 and witcher 3 lol.

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Yea, I have no idea what the poll question is asking so I will just say that multiplayer won't affect my decision either way. I am getting it. I loved the first two.

#22 Posted by Randolph (10542 posts) -

Remember how Tomb Raider had multiplayer? Remember how no one was playing it a week after it launched? Not every game needs multiplayer, Infamous is one of those games. We need to get past the point of multiplayer modes being tacked on just because. It's a waste of time and resources.

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not every game needs online multiplayer.

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The question is who will buy second son knowing there isn't multiplayer? Does this make more sense.

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No multiplayer, no problem.

#26 Posted by Lhomity (771 posts) -

I voted both Yes and No (surprised that even worked, tbh), because the question wasn't terribly clear. Who will not... Yes/No. What?

#27 Posted by jsmoke03 (12934 posts) -

it doesnt need a multiplayer. just have a great single player campaign

#28 Posted by RiKanKiDD (1058 posts) -

Only an idiot would want MP on Second Son. It does not need a multiplayer and should never get one. Its fine!

#29 Posted by The_Last_Ride (72488 posts) -

Yeah, the game is not getting any mutliplayer mate

#30 Posted by ristactionjakso (5742 posts) -

Good single player games do not need multiplayer. I'll buy it.

#31 Posted by wolf503 (128 posts) -

I'll buy it without, in fact if it had MP, I'd probably be less interested.

#32 Posted by jcopp72 (5339 posts) -

None of the other Infamous games have multiplayer so not buying this because of no multiplayer would just be ridiculous.