Who want a free PS plus 30 day trial code?

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I bought an Playstation when I was studying in San Francisco, but now I'm in Brazil and can't use the 30-day trial of Playstaion Plus because I don't have an american credit card anymore.

So, anyone want the code? Just tell me why

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I do, but I only have a 4 GB memory card for my Vita T_T, so I wouldn't be able to take advantage of it. So maybe you shouldn't give it to me. (lol maybe I shouldn't have posted a comment in the first place.)

#3 Posted by Toragat (6 posts) -

Me please, there is currently a promotion running until the end of Jan, and I need Plus for it.


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I would like it. Only because I haven't tried out PS+ (didn't know if it's worth it or not)However, if I do end up liking the trial, I will be purchasing an entire year.

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3 contestants, let's see who is faster and can use the code first. I sent the code to all three at the same time, those who use the code, please let me know;)